The Morning After Seg. 1: Doug, Charlie and Katie Kay

Show Open

Why doesn’t Katie Kay want anyone to know her last name, should Doug use a fake last name, Timberfake is already waiting on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, this is his first time meeting Katie Kay, is Social House II officially open yet, what happened with him at Toni Lee, Charlie is back on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Chuck got free cable for 4 years, the pool is now open at Brentwood Forest, Katie says reality shows are scripted, should there be a senior’s version of The Bachelor, Katie Kay is upset by saggy boobs on Survivor, did Carson Daly get Charlie into broadcasting, do TV hosts like Doug and Charlie have make-up people, yesterday’s Blues press conference was interesting, are you surprised that Army didn’t list Backes as priority #1 this off-season, Chuck has background on the umpire who ejected Syndergaard, Katie wonders if all umps are failed pilots, do hockey refs get laid, what is Katie going to watch with no NFL this fall, Doug says he knows how to fix soccer.