“The Morning After”: Seg. 1 – Charlie, Jennings Fill In

Show Open

Charlie and Jennings are in today and Jay thinks Doug just keeps looking better and better, he’s wearing a shirt from Dad’s week at Mizzou last year, Llywelyn’s Pub will be announcing their new contest later in the show, updated Email of the Month standings, Doug is caught off guard when asked about the Redbirds, Holliday homered out of the stadium yesterday, Jennings thinks the Cardinals ceiling this season is a Wildcard berth, at the very least we should still get 6 months of interesting baseball thanks to the 2nd wildcard, the Cards pulled a LMB winning 6-0 yesterday, what’s your favorite species of bird, what’s the course record at Acorns Golf Links, the sponsor of our 7am hour, draft versus draught beer, Mike Lee opens our week on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Jay shares a story about a dead gator on a Golf Course at Disney World, Charlie wants to hear Doug’s take on the Gorilla who was put down in Cincinnati to save a child’s life after the kid fell into the animals habitat at the Zoo, Caller Jordanne had a passionate take on this topic, what animals are better off in a zoo than in the wild, do good looking people have better opinions, Larry Nickel is up next to provide the WWE recap and announce his new internship, other words where the spelling doesn’t make any sense, Charlie with an update on The Bachelorette plus Plowsy has Fun with Audio from the episode, do the producers always cast a villain on purpose, how many grooms cheat at their bachelor parties, Tim is playing in the Venetian Deep Stacks this week, Plowsy with an update on his weekend at Billy G’s.