The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Blues-Sharks Game 3 Tonight


Charlie Marlow aka The White Rascal is filling in for the great Doug Vaughn, Doug making a pit stop to Vegas before landing in San Jose, Cat is stuggling with very little voice left, Cat has discovered his passion for sports talk radio, Steve in Wildwood curious why Martin & Charlie was not in the Blues Song from Channel 2, Charlie complaining that he works way to hard at his job, Semar is out today so Plowboy is captain of the ship, Tim giving good gambling advice for the Penguins game tonight, Charlie admits that if the Blues played the Ohio State Buckeyes he would cheer for the Buckeyes, breaking down the Blues play during the first two rounds of the playoffs, Blues in these playoffs are very lethal on the road compared to their play at home, Charlie thinks this series with San Jose will go 7 games, we play Plowboy’s audio fun he did outside of Scott Trade Center before game 2, Charlie explains to the boys that Berglund hits all the right buttons for the ladies in St. Louis, who really is the cutest Blues player? Charlie loved to meet the listeners at the Free Dotem Open, Tim invites Charlie to be on him and Doug’s wiffle ball squad, who is the most muted person on Twitter that’s affiliated with the show? Charlie, Tim, and The Cat are now reading their latest tweets on air.