The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Blues’ Season on the Brink


The Cat wasn’t able to issue a spirit win for the Cardinals last night and now they’ll face Arrieta today, Tim bet the Warriors yesterday so now he’s back to the drawing board, odds for the emotional risk management bet for Game 6 in San Jose, Charlie and Sea Monster are emailing Tim during the show, Tim is taking questions, would it be more painful to lose in Game 7 as compared to tonight, Charlie has faith in the Blues this evening, Plowsy provides a very detailed prediction, will going back to Brian Elliott give the Blues a boost now that he’s rested, this is the Blues first Conference Finals Game 6 since the Monday Night Miracle, Cucky says put your jorts on extra tight today, Llywelyn’s Pub audio with Hitchcock discussing Tarasenko, where do the Blues fly out of from in St. Louis now and was Charlie there holding them accountable as they boarded, another Fan Page roll call, Chuck says real fans should parlay the Blues and the Cardinals vs. Arrieta, The Cat is putting in $40, how exciting will TV execs be for Raptors vs. Thunder and Lightning vs. Sharks, The Cat is going full rightsholder today, are we moving the line with our AM radio show, Tim reloads on Bovada, now people are offering Tim money having gone full lemming, Anna-Marie takes delight in Tim’s gambling losses, Charlie got called out for making a fantasy move during the show recently, former GM and Head Coach turned Sportsnet analyst Doug MacLean joins the presentation, oh hey Los Angeles was awarded a Super Bowl, it’s unbelievable that Misty Plops wasn’t able to deliver his or her email in time yesterday, Tim will be in Vegas should the Blues lose.