The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Blues in Conference Final

St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (27) celebrates his goal with the bench in Game 7 against the Dallas Stars.


Jennings is riding shotgun today and he’s impressed with Doug’s wardrobe choice, Doug has a hockeyism prepared in honor of the Blues winning Game 7 and advancing to the Conference Finals, the lopsided final score belies how close the first 15 minutes of the game were, the Blues have really learned to respond this post-season, David Backes’ goal early in the second to extend the lead to 4-0 seemed to extinguish all hope in Dallas, Doug thinks that Elliott is the biggest difference maker for the team in the playoffs this season, this is the first time the Blues will have home ice advantage in the Western Conference Finals, this is the first instance in Tim’s lifetime that the notion of winning the Stanley Cup seems real, this is also the healthiest the Blues have been in the playoffs that we can remember, who would we rather face San Jose or Nashville, does Doug honky tonk, Jennings reveals some of the Free Dotem Open team names, the Blues are now 2-0 in Game 7’s thanks to Cucky the Dwarf, Big Al joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Jay gives us an update on where tomorrow’s #FFF stands, we’re surprised that Game 1 of the next series isn’t until Sunday, JR calls into the presentation to discuss Game 7, Jennings says he used to troll for chicks at the roller skating rink as a youth, “Ray King’s Toenail” calls in next with a bizarre take on Barnhart, there’s no screening process for calling our show clearly, recapping the Email of the Month standings, can you imagine even having a session with Hillary, the Post-Dispatch reported on how many Blues fans didn’t have access to TV coverage of some or all of Game 7, is Lana Rhoades the next Jenna Jameson, Nick and John Vaughn called Doug in a panic when the cable went out, there was a post on Blues talk last night saying it was Tarasenko’s worst game, how old is Caller Jordanne, what are Plow Shark’s thoughts on Game 7, he decided to embargo his social media during the contest this time, he also enjoyed chicken tenders and milk, KG in O-Town wants to hook up with Doug, how much weed can you safely carry in St. Louis city.