The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Blues Fall in Game 4


Doug opens the show with a somber hockeyism, if the Blues end up losing this series this might be the game you identify as to when it slipped away, Tim believed the Blues were markedly better than the Stars going into this matchup, the Ryan Reaves kiss was a ridiculous narrative in post-game, the Blues really shot themselves in the foot last night – Edmundson especially, we get some reaction on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, more overblown the kiss or slide into Marco Scutaro, how big of a role will the Stars home-ice advantage play in the rest of the series, our caller is critical of Tarasenko’s defense, Ray King calls in to discuss Tim Conway, Mike Lee also joins the presentation to ask Doug about meeting Penny, Tom Brunansky’s Bat Wing wins Text of the Day, why is there no clock in the studio, Llywelyn’s Pub #FunWithAudio courtesy of Donald Trump, The Cat has questions for Doug, the Xi Xi Iceman calls into the program to debate Bouwmeester’s value with Doug, more thoughts from the text line.