The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Blues’ Backs Against the Wall


The Blues’ brutal history in Game 5’s continued last night, Doug tries to soothe our listening audience with one of his patented hockeyisms, the 3rd stanza last night was especially problematic, will this just build more drama for an eventual comeback, is it a no-brainer that Hitch will go back to Elliott tomorrow night, what’s going on with Vladimir Tarasenko is just not comprehensible, what are Plowsy’s #HotTakes from last night, the tying PPG to end the 2nd period is the one Hitch identified as the back-breaker, Roman Polak didn’t really want to discuss the scrum he instigated with Jaskin after the game, have the Blues been getting “Too cute” at home this post-season, Doug still finds himself saying “shoot the puck” too often, is Doug failing to hold Steen accountable, was Kenny Albert responsible for what happened at Scottrade last night, why do Blues-iers give up on their team so easily, does Tarasenko’s new-born baby have something to do with his struggles, if he’s injured is there any scenario in which you wouldn’t play him, more and more lemmings continue to join the new TMA Fan Page, former Blues forward Jim Campbell was on The Afternoon Drive yesterday but wouldn’t divulge details about his time with Doug in a Hot Tub, Buck Swope did a vile photo-shop with Doug and Soupy’s faces in a Hot Tub, Jesus Ortiz accidentally retweeted one of our listeners who hash-tagged tribbing, Cucky the Dwarf opens things on The Appliance Discounters phone lines and he wants to take responsibility for the loss, Happy Birthday to Billy Gilman, the Sharks have looked like the better team throughout most of the series but they have some real bitch qualities to them, Tyler calls in to say that he thinks Tarasenko has given up on the series, Tim wasn’t able to place his emotional risk management wager after the 2nd period because the game had been taken off Bovada.