The Morning After: Seg. 1 – All About Blues-Sharks Game 5


People decided to celebrate the Blues win in Game 4 by trolling Reed Low after the fact because he wanted Brian Elliott to start, The Cat doesn’t care for twitter toughs, Hitch somehow did push the right buttons on Saturday, has Doug joined the new TMA Fan Page, Doug did a cool Facebook Live on Saturday night in San Jose, Doug’s lensman caused him to miss a lot of coverage due to a low battery, there was another stop-over in Vegas for Mr. Vaughn on the way back home, this is a pivotal Game 5 and the Blues don’t have a great history in match-ups like this, Doug sat next to lesbians on his flight to San Jose and they used the airplane bathroom together, KMOV goes live basically via a cell phone now, updated Email of the Month standings, many are crediting Cucky the Dwarf for the Blues turnaround because of his march from our studios to the Hull statue, he’s 3-0 on the post-season, the Sharks took some cheap shots on Saturday, their coach also threw some shade at Hitchcock during his post-game media session, how were the Braves in the N.L. West back in 1993, at what point does physical contact in hockey just become assault, Timmy the Tickler opens things up for the week on The Appliance Discounters phone lines and in the Rigazzi’s Suspension Logule, Doug is wearing teal today after his trip to San Jose … hmmm, we’re on board with Jake Allen in Game 5 simply because you stick with the winning formula, more and more listeners are joining the new TMA Fan Page on Facebook, Mike Lee checks into the presentation, Tim was ponied up at Billy G’s on Saturday and did an epic Periscope session but not to taunt Chris Hrabe, even more people are flooding into the new Fan Page, should they have to sign a lemming pledge now that Tim is in sole control of the page, Jessica phones into the program and claims that her husband “Delino DeShields” prompted the call.