The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Former Blues Reed Low, Kelly Chase


Listeners often get to hear our squeaking door when people enter and exit the studio, Reed Low took a stand before Game 4 with his belief that Brian Elliott should start and then took a lot of blow-back from a few on social media after the team won with Jake Allen, Reed joins us to discuss, Tim looks at some betting lines for tonight’s game and the series, why aren’t people talking more about the Tampa Bay Lightning, how much tribbing will there be if this goes to a Game 7 on Friday night in St. Louis … and what would the ticket prices be like, Blues analyst and friend of the show Kelly Chase checks into the show courtesy of GFI Digital, how much trouble would players get into if there was an NHL team in Vegas, more listeners have been approved for the new TMA Fan Page, will contestants in the Wiffle Ball Tournament have bathroom privileges at Tim Sr’s house.