The Morning After Post-Show – Capes For All (Aug. 12)

Brendan Marks, Wed, 12 Aug 2015 15:36:00 GMT

This whole Periscope thing is really taking off, so we have decided to give it a whirl on The Ryan Kelley Morning After.

If you aren’t sure what Periscope is, it’s an app that basically lets you live stream anything and everything from your phone. For our purposes, it allows viewers to get a rare peek behind the curtain of the daily ass-grabbery and bafoonery that is The Ryan Kelley Morning After.

It was Matt Who Wears a Cape at Six Flags’ last day as an intern on The Ryan Kelley Morning After Wednesday, and he decided to mark the occasion with some gifts for Tim, Jim and Doug.

Appropriately, he gave them each a cape. Jim got Batman, Tim got Superman and Doug got, well, just watch for yourself by clicking here.

You can also listen to all of Wednesday’s The Ryan Kelley Morning After here.