The Feud Continues: TMA Talks Boxing Match Between Willie, Producer Joe

Brendan Marks, Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:46:00 GMT

while some may not admit it, there has been a clear rivalry brewing between willie springer and producer joe over the past few months.

It makes sense, since Willie has been producing The Ryan Kelley Morning After since Producer Joe decided to go his separate way.

Back in July, we even posted a story about rumblings the two don’t like eachother. Well it’s now being taken to the next level.

The latest chapter in their ongoing feud came during Friday’s The Ryan Kelley Morning After when Tim mentioned a dispute over the Friendly’s Football Picks of the Week.

That’s when Jim Hayes came up with an idea.

“Sounds like these two are going to be settling their differences in the squared circle,” said Hayes.

It’s not exactly a new idea. Producer Joe, as you may remember, fought Timberfake at PT’s Sports Cabaret in Sauget, Ill. back in 2012. He lost, by the way.

So will the match ever happen? Listen to the Morning After discuss the possibility in the segment below.

TMA discusses a Willie Spring-Producer Joe Boxing Match

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