Swope’s Picks: Episode 7 – 590 the Man and 1380 the Woman

We flash back to 2013 when 590 the Fan became 590 the Man and TMA was run off morning drive slot to make room for Bubba the Love Sponge. There’s a press conference to announce the launch of 590 the Man and 1380 the Woman. As our good friend Dan Caesar has coined it “The Marshall Plan”. Todd Robbins gives a little history lesson explaining of course the Marshall Plan technically was the European Recovery program of 1948.

Dan Marshall explains…
The ideas that we have are going to be very successful…The Woman station was just something that hit me light a bolt of lightning…It’s a great way to basically reach women audience and it’s going to be very very powerful…Dan says men want to talk about what he calls ‘man talk’ or whatever…The Great Jack Clark from 6 to 8…Jack is what Dan calls ‘the man’s man’
Jack knows a lot about motorcycle accidents, and it’s great…Jack has been jumping around for years from TV to different stations and he finally feels like he’s someplace he can lay his head…Jack is excited to share the information he’s held in over the years…The Dan Marshall Plan is in effect..Execute. Dan Marshall believes in giving back to the community. Tim McKernan sets the record straight. We’re joined by Iggy for perspective on the Dan Marshall trainwreck of 2013. Iggy also airs some laundry from the Jason Barrett era. Mashup features Jennings, Charlie, Plowsy, Doug, Larry, Caller Adam, JtL, McKernan, Hochman, Prod Joe, and Mike Lee…
“One other thing I do want to talk about. I do believe in charity, and I do believe in giving back to the community…and one of the things that this station will do that’s different than any other radio stations I think in St. Louis is…we’re going to donate time on our times that we don’t use the station…or where it’s not a profitable thing for us to do or whatever…and it’s going to be Sunday mornings…it’s gonna be called ‘Donating Back to the Community Charity’. Now how that will happen we haven’t yet worked out, but I do believe in it…and I’ve already reached out to some people…um…like um…actually trying to talk to……..hehe okay…uh trying to talk to some people about it…but anyway um…I want to talk about…it’s going to be the community…I mean by either preachers, politicians…like I could imagine a Sunday morning show on 590 the Man to where there’s uh Representative Clay has a talk show where he could um talk to people…or where um…the…the Mayor Slay would have an hour…or ya know we’d have a Gospel or we’d have a preacher or something like that. That’s what I’m talking about to where they These People that are citizens of this community would have someone to talk to and hear from their people that are representing them to where they would have actual access to their representatives that are speaking to them. That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about charity and the community of the station. We want to give back to the community. We want to be…to help any charity out any way we possibly can…and we will be involved with the community very much at this station…that’s all I can really…that’s what I want to say about that…I almost forgot…very important part of today’s announcement.”
– Dan Marshall 3/14/2013