Swope’s Picks: Episode 21 – Larry Nickel, Great American

We flash back to July  2011…Doug was once on a boat with Andy Gibb in Miami. Did Doug watch the Gibb brothers run a train on Shannon Tweed? Caller Larry calls in the correct TMA on Triple H’s title of COO not CEO and to give John Cena and Ray Mysterio’s correct height and weight. Larry thinks wrestling is real, is willing to call in every week during the WW recap. Larry calls in from his bathroom, denies there are any glory holes. Nongay  interviews Larry at Forest Park at wheelchair tennis tournament, sounds like it was next to the ocean. Nongay got a dirty look from lady wondering why he was interviewing Larry about wrestling at a tennis tournament. Larry covers Smackdown outside Scottrade Center with Prod Joe… Larry had a priceless look on his face when J Boyd presented him with 2nd row ringside tickets…Larry says USA is #1 country, followed by #2 Canada, and Africa is #3…Larry covers 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw…asks wrestling fan outside Scottrade Center what country is the best…United States, duh…Larry is going back to school…after he finishes school he wants to get into radio broadcasting…Doug thinks Larry’s ready now. Larry had a wake up call following Michael Cole saying “This is not part of tonight’s entertainment, this has happened” following Jerry Lawler’s collapse during the WWE broadcast. Larry’s come to the realization that what’s happening in the ring might not be legitimate. He’s still a fan and will just have to get over it. Larry shines at Wrestling Trivia at HotShots…HELLO ST LOUIS…I NEED MORE CHEERS AND MORE BEERS. Larry hosts advice segment Ask Lawrence…Well. BD…if your wife wants to be that kinky and have you wear a wrestling mask when you guys make love…do whatever your wife wants and next time you make love have your wife do whatever you want…He’s kind of a 21st century version of Ann Landers…Lawrence T Nickel interviews Hulk Hogan, hits a nerve when he mentions the George Foreman grill…Daniel Bryan recorded the new intro for the WWE Wresting Recap with Larry Nickel…Hello London, London Mayday Mayday…Larry seems intoxicated…Larry suggests Tim McKernan and Jim Edmonds swap wives…but Edmonds is only engaged…Larry thinks they can make it work based on an episode he was of Celebrity Wifeswap. Larry says it’s not cheating unless you get caught, would do an MMF with a married couple if the guy was okay with it…Charlie is concerned about families seeing Larry smoking darts while dressed as Santa outside the holiday party. Mike Lee and Larry channel Abbott and Costello, then Larry channels Dr Phil. F Marry Kill: Million Dollar Man, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jake the Snake Roberts…Larry would marry Million Dollar Man (Ted DiBiase Sr)…Charlie asks if this is a hypothetical question, cause Roddy Piper is deceased…Larry would sleep with Piper if he were still living, and would kill Jake the Snake Roberts. Caller Bob, who sounds like he’s 60 years old, says he would marry Doug, then kill Doug, then screw Doug shortly after…Larry would bang Tim, marry Cat, and off Doug…Larry calls Timberfake a glorified whore…Larry does his Mt Rushmore of porn actresses…Larry had a big night on his periscope pre-show…sounds like Dotem’s causing problems in the periscope too…Larry spent a lot of time talking about Bill’s holes on Facebook live…Larry is going to graduate from Lewis & Clark Community College…Larry got all pissed off on his Facebook live last night…SHIRT IS NOT COMING OFF. We are joined by Larry to discuss where he stands on wrestling being real vs fake, whether there’s a consolation bracket in the NHL playoffs, and his dream MMMFF…Mashup features Tim, Doug, Iggy, Jesse Ventura, Larry Nickel, Domonique Foxworth, and Joe Maddon.