Swope’s Picks: Episode 20 – The Rise of Cucky

We flash back to November 2015…The Vianney father/son dance was a huge success, several kids had to find their own rides home cause their dads went home with other dads…”I’m a dad through and through so when my little twink golden griffin son asks me to go to a dance I go…after I helped my son put on his tie we grabbed our lambskins and went to Andre’s…as I entered – teehee- I saw a man dressed in a light blue collared shirt and khakis, I was smitten, he glanced up and I saw his mustache twinkle in the glow of the disco ball…well next thing I know he had me propped up on the diaper changing station”…Cucky the Dwarf you’ve been suspended a period of two days time…Are changing stations a place where a lot of guys hook up? Our listeners sleep with their stepdads? My twink son is yapping at me about not showing him enough love or something…Good news, I have the 10 Cam Newton Carolina Panther themed extra large toe rings you ordered…Plowsy got high with Cucky after the Q&A…Cucky wins March 2016 EOTD…Cucky demonstrating outside the studio to fire up STL for game 7…We are joined by Cucky to discuss creating ripples across the insidestl/TMA subculture as well as the absence of a changing station in the green seats mens room. Mashup features Doug, Cat, Plowsy, Tim, Charlie, Larry Nickel, and Iggy.