Swope’s Picks: Episode 19 – THE Joshua Saga

We flash back to January 2010…J-Kwon in studio with new artist Joshua…both will be judging and performing at the insideSTL Girl Next Door of the Year Party…Joshua went to Fox, was not popular in high school…J-Kwon went to Normandy with Laurence Maroney. Charlie asks J-Kwon if it’s true he was slingin at age 12…J-Kwon wants to do more writing/producing…Joshua wants to interview the Girl Next Door contestants before the event…Joshua likes a good ass…J-Kwon performs Tipsy and Joshua performs Boyfoy at Lumiere…the Joshua video is up and so far the feedback has not been as good at Prod Joe thought it would be…Cat delivered Joshua’s CD to Busch Stadium for Colby Rasmus to use as his walk up music…Rasmus came into the game on a tear 12 for his last 21, and after using Joshua’s Boyfoy as his walk up music in 2 at bats, he went 0 for his next 12 with 7 strikeouts…Joshua’s album release announcement not going over well…”Joshua looks like a USDA grade A prime douchebag”…”He was discovered by J-Kwon in a night club? What the hell was Joshua doing in the night club? There’s no way he was singing. Most likely he was cleaning the restrooms and selling X…and ‘Kwon told him he would make him a star for a free hit. And what does ‘locally and as are down as Florida mean?’ That must include this radio broadcast and some Cuban in Miami right off the boat that found the album being used to level a table and decided to use it to learn English…the only way this album cover makes any sense is if that woman has a penis”…Outta town supportin’ Josh, y’all mighta’swell support too…THE Joshua and J-Kwon in studio…Cat does his own version of Tipsy…Joshua gets nervous Tim thinks when he has to perform…says to himself “They want you! They want you!”…Joshua will be signing autographs and handing out copies of his single Flip You Over at bebe (a women’s clothing store) at West County Mall tonight”…Does bebe even know this is going on in their store? There’s a scene in Spinal Tap where the band is booked to sign their new album and no one shows… Why would that be relevant to this? “So Joshua is doing a signing? I don’t think there’s going to be one person that intentionally goes to it. Some high school kids may just get the man’s autograph but not knowing who the hell he is…I can just see these West County housewives walking by this 40-something tan gentleman and jumping on board only if they were into Imperial dyed hair gentlemen. Also what if these fans want to hear him warble a little? Is he going to bring his computer voice?”…Joshua signing at bebe was canceled because he was real sick with flu. Somebody on the insideSTL message board suggested that they send a female there to meet Joshua, and when he introduces himself as Joshua, ask if he can pick them out those jeans in size 2, please…”Hello world. Welcome to the Benita Show. I am here at Fat Buddha…uh..uh..Studio”…Joshua performs Flip You Over live on the 2FOX…did he say ‘rip the penis from your mouth’? Joshua in studio…J-Kwon is a pimp now in Vegas…”Thanks for everybody’s support. Tim. Jimmy the Cat Hayes, Doug Vaughn, I really don’t know you sir”…Joshua has asked for a pretty penny plus hotel rooms to perform at the 2012 GND of the Year/AFC-NFC Championship party…We are joined by J Boyd to discuss the bizarre scene at the insideSTL events where Joshua performed. Mashup features Tucker, Larry Nickel, Doug, Tim, Cat, Jennings, Jason Barrett, Plowsy, and Stingray.