Swope’s Picks: Episode 18 – “Plops Here” (Vol. 2)

We flash back to June 2015…Plops got banned from Great Clips for ‘gettin after it’ during a haircut…Congrats on your win last month, the Cardinals tickets you won are for tonight’s game, you can pick them up here…yada yada yada Plops pleasured himself in some dude’s office then made off with with 2 fax machines and a desk chair…Plops tracked down the actor who played Uncle Sato and he will be jumping out of a cake and handing out spankings until 10pm, $5 cover, doors open at 11am, first 100 in the door get a replica Boy Prize temporary tattoo to put on their lower backs in honor of Doug…Cooler is filled with juice boxes and them orange peanut butter crackies, Plops got 2 cold wet wash cloths in case it’s steamy out there…”One for my drainer and one for my stainer”…It wouldn’t be logical for Plops to drive 45 miles to cash in a $5 coupon towards the purchase a hot dog in the lobby of a hardware store…Nothing gives of the ‘I live off south Broadway and beat my wife’ vibe quite like a man swimming in jean shorts…Don’t bring a venus razor and snippy snippies and think you’re going to lay in the shallow water, pull your speedo to the side, and go eddie scissorhands on that taint tickling tumbleweed of yours…No successful radio station in this market has ever really truly thrived without dumping 50 grand into an RV, we’ll call it the Chuck Wagon, and it’ll be covered in a wrap so it looks like a giant nude Charlie Marlow rolling down 270…it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping, look no further than the 2017 Vianney Dads wall calendar. It’s a 365 day celebration of shirtless middle class dads in cargo shorts in white New Balance shoes that is sure to look amazeballs over the water cooler at your office…Ooh la la it’s hot in here fellas, of course it is, it’s now August and Jared’s stepdad Miguel is taking a moment to cool off in the sprinkler in his neighbor’s front yard, notice that naughty tramp stamp, it’s a tribal symbol that he thinks means strict, but actually means pansexual sausage daddy…Plops was at the restau-rant-te last night, eating spaghetti lady and the tramp style with the heavy set ethnic gentleman in the Tasmanian Devil t-shirt…out comes Doug with my sizzling hot sweet breads on a silver platter, kind of salsa dancing his way to my booth, he looked like a topless Fred Ass Tire…Plops feels like the broadcast center sharted and this mornings show lineup is what fell out of its jean shorts (just kidding)…We’re joined by the elusive Misty Plops (voice altered), to discuss his bizarre real world connections to Cucky the Dwarf and Janie the Lesbian, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of Karate Kid 2…Mashup features Doug, Tucker, Tim, Iggy, Lana Rhoades, Cat, Lisa Ann, Sarah the Lesbian, Prod Joe, Plowsy, Jennings, and Larry Nickel.