Swope’s Picks: Episode 17 – “Plops Here” (Vol. 1)

We flash back to November 2013…Prod Joe reads an email about dipping chicken in the toilet at Raising Canes by Misty Plops…Doug reads an email from Plops during 2014 Spring Training about Hot Men in the Florida Sun…Doug on a picnic bench, boyshort, pastel tanktop, choker necklace, and flip flops with 5 in heels, he says to me ‘Plops, hows bout some SPF on me shoulders?’…I grab some coppertone and grease him like a squeaky wheel…he thanks me for me services and invites me to look at some pictures on his phone…Hey Doug Plops Here, just lying around in me socks thinkin bout ya while I get ready for a swimming lesson at the Y…Misty Plops ships back to back EOTDs…’You gotta admit when he goes Plops Here, it’s kinda funny’…Congratulations to Real Plops Misty FC….Plops does it for the ass…First there was Glen, the professional school picnic worker from Bonne Terre who always wore aqua socks and smelled like rubber, then Festus Jim who wasn’t allowed within 2 miles of any schools, and made his own wine coolers, then Chartreuse who taught Plops that finding a pube on a urinal was actually good luck…Doug and Plops boarded their plane in Mexico and he immediately starts complaining about his sunburnt back, “Let’s do something about it sailor”, Doug takes of his shirt and lay down in the aisle, Plops mounts him like a sybian…OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH…What does it sound like when an Asian gentleman slaps the privates against his receiver on his…OKAY THATS ENOUGH…is that what was going on at the end of Mike Lee’s phonecall…It’s hard to believe but over the course of the holiday weekend Plops slept with 3 completely different gentlemen, each named Jasper…It’s a bit odd to give out tickets to amateur sporting events taking place in a venue 125 miles away on a weekday, but what was truly delightful though was that the tickets for the Mizzou/Georgia game on Wednesday January 20th arrived in Plops mailbox on the afternoon of Thursday January 21st…I can only assume you guys also sell dead birds to blind kids…If you haven’t had a 3some after eating White Castle, you haven’t lived, Plops will do it 2-3 times a year but times it out to when that Home Depot has that Benjamin Moore paint on sale for obvious reasons…Misty Plops is having an unbelievable 2016…Plops is not into Father/Son dances, they’re too restricting, Plops prefers Father/Son mixers…Doug used to be part of an R&B music group…we know them as Bell Biv DeVoe well in ’83 they were known as Bell Biv DeVaughn…the song Poison originally had a part where Doug did his solo rap about going to brunches and drinking all the water you want free of charge, it was just like Macaulay Culkin’s cute little rap cameo in Michael Jackson’s Black or White, except hotter because you knew by the look in his eye, that he was down for whatevs, plus he had that cute little lower back tat that he’d always flash that said Boy Prize in calligraphy, he was the 18th pick in Jason Barrett’s 1985 draft of white R&B badboys…We’re joined by the elusive Misty Plops (voice altered), to discuss what compelled him to start emailing in, his process for EOTD, as well as Uncle Sato’s shrubs…Mashup features boy time with Doug, Plowsy, Cat, Tim, Iggy, Eric Messersmith, Larry Nickel, Jordan Patch, Peter Kessler, and Stingray.