Swope’s Picks: Episode 15 – Call in Big Lesbian

We flash back to February 2015…a ‘legit lez’ texts in about her Valentines date with her straight girlfriend…Cat thinks it’s a guy, but Tim thinks it’s a female based on text history, Doug says it’s a spot welder from Granite City…Willie uses the phone number to confirm she’s a female and once sold a tenor sax…Tim recalls Iggy posing as a 26yo bi female on AOL Chat back in 1998…Legit Lez texts in that she can be verified because she offered to give Plowsy X-box controller, check the facebat…Doug goes on 3-min giggle fit in response to the text ‘Call in Big Lesbian’…Legit Lez calls in…This could be a woman…Hello Janie…Janie puts chances of lesbianism with her straight friend at a 7…She would consider going on a swingers recon investigation with Willie…Cat points out that the first woman in the history of the show to at least consider going out with Willie is a lesbian…Janie the Lesbian calls back in to recap her Valentines date…Gave her date friendship flowers and they joked about raising a child together…Went back to her place but nothing happened…Tim invites Janie to join the fan page, but she’s already on there…Janie calls back in…still working on turning her straight friend…Steve in Wildwood texts in and gets pwned by Janie…Doug tries to coach up Janie for the turn mission…Janie calls in from Augusta and recaps her experience at the 2015 Masters…Janie calls in to talk Kayden Kross and says she’d do an FFF if Kayden returned…Larry Nickel’s opinion on lesbianism is evolving…Janie says her straight crush made incidental contact but still in the friend zone…the key is under the mat. We’re joined by Janie the Lesbian to talk about her own lesbian turn, her straight crush, Doug’s giggle fit, the potential for her to get with Kayden at a future TMA Live, and the ‘moment when worlds collided. Mashup features smashing taints with Tim, Tucker, Plowsy, Doug, Iggy, Roderick, Caller Adam Cat, Tad, Ken Hitch, Larry Nickel, and Douglas.