Swope’s Picks: Episode 13 – “There is No Secret Plan”

We flash back to January 2012…So many are concerned that the Rams are going to up and move to the West Coast…Kevin Demoff says entire focus is on building a winner in St Louis…When asked if he’ll be in St. Louis another 20 years, Stan Kroenke says “We’ll see how that process works out”…Jeff Fisher was reportedly asked during job interview with Rams several questions about his experience moving the Oilers to Tennessee…Kevin Demoff says Rams playing home games in London is good for St. Louis…Jeff Fisher says not to connect the dots and that Kroenke wants to stay here…flash forward to June 2012…Kevin Demoff doesn’t understand the angst over the stadium lease issue, compares St Louis to children of divorce…flash forward to August 2013…Demoff says a uniform redesign in the next 5-7 years…flash forward to Oct 2014…When asked if the Rams have had discussions with other cities Demoff says “There is no secret plan”…flash forward to November 2014…Inglewood Mayor James Butts says he’s meeting with the owner of the Rams in his post-election victory speech…Line about Butts meeting with Rams is removed from the news article after it spawned national media attention…flash forward to April 2015…Demoff maintains his previous statements were accurate, depends on your definition of active discussions…flash forward to January 2016…Class action litigation against the Rams for misleading and deceiving St Louis fans in the years leading up to the move to LA…Kroenke and Demoff keyed in on Hollywood Park site in 2013…Rick Venturi concurs local media were complicit in this process…want until LA gets a load of this operation…flash forward to March 2016…Demoff says “Thankfully or not thankfully we went on a 4-game losing streak in the middle of November” so he could focus on the relocation application…flash forward to December 2016…Jeff Fisher says in 2012 he had options and he “decided on LA, or St Louis at the time knowing there was going to be a pending move”. McKernan doesn’t blame Kroenke for leaving, but why the need to crap on St Louis on the way out the door? We are joined by Tim McKernan. Mashup features bottoming, tweaking and digital play from Doug, Cat, Biff, Tim, Plowsy, Charlie, Prod Joe, and Iggy.