Swope’s Picks: Episode 12 – Doug’s best “Hockeyisms”

We flash back to May 2013…Charlie thinks Doug is lazy…Jacker showing some rare saucy mitts got his first 2nd season g-note, he did it with a wrister that went in the side door where mailman leaves in such a hurry when papa comes home early from work, we win em both here and left the Kings a crying, now we’ll go to LA and continue the buy-in…Charlie wishes Doug could have worked a ‘Pin your ears back; in there…Stack the pillows neatly Jaro, make the Devils leave in sorry, and in the words of Brendan Morrow, let’s get 2 more points tomorrow…do they play tomorrow? Will Gere was rather militant apparently in his behavior the bedroom…this is what you miss, when you leave this show. In 3OT Steener beat Crawzy with a buttery little basket bulger, just when thought they were dead in the ditch, the bootstraps were pulled and the flipped on the switch…Doug thinks the Hockeyisms is a tired act, the texters disagree. Osher and Shatty visited the red light district, the whole team actually shined, they were happy to be back at work, me not so much, I’m just here so I don’t get fined. The Blues use that to come back and score four straight and raise the blue note victory flag in the land of the ever rising homicide rate, in a game that appeared to be godforsaken they win 6-5 roar bacon….Charlie tries to do a hockeyism…Doug brought the Hockeyisms back for the playoffs…Kaner got his hatchet up in Petro’s face, the Blues stayed on their boots with a good wide base, Plowhawk warns that the series isn’t done, but we won the battle yesterday and we won it 2-1…I wish Andrew Shaw would contract head lice as a gay slur cranial punishment device, Crawford needs a puck up the orifice, Ells will stand on his head and sing Edelweiss and offer the ‘hawks one last bit of advice, bring your golf clubs boys, start working on your slice, it all ends tomorrow on Scottrade ice…can you say orifice? The ‘hawks tried to construct a stairway to survival but Brooksy’s finishing nail bounced off both newel posts, the champs go down in 7, and now it’s on to Dallas, this is even better than getting Grichuk for Freese and Salas. Bergsy slid a Swedish meatball under the floor boards where uncle Harley buried that drifter fella, ah, but then Lehtzy stunned Schwartzy with 20 ticks left, now we gotta win game 7 in order to keep it real, back we go to Dallas, how ’bout that whole deal? Tarezy had a couple of tallies, one of em top shelf where momma hides the peanut butter, Shatty had a basket bulger, Staszer had a twine tingler, let’s give up some credit for the Blackhawks having a misguided swing of the tomahawk and scalped themselves and allowed a cowpie to trickle into their own tee pee, first of 82 we win it han-di-ly, so Hitch could raise a glass and say CHICAGO’S MY TOWN, SEE…We’re joined by Doug to discuss the origins of his hockeyisms and his Blues fandom as well as his Emmy winning segment on the Flowbee….Mashup features Doug, Cam Janssen, Tim, Nongay, Jackie, Charlie Tuna, Prod Joe, Cat, Larry, Phil Varone, Chasey Lain, Mike Lee, Toni Lee, Ariana Marie, and Charlie Marlow.