St. Louis Computer Services Friday Exit Poll (10/16)

Brendan Marks, Fri, 16 Oct 2015 15:31:00 GMT

every friday, we select listener-submitted questions to ask the hosts of the ryan kelley morning after. this tradition is known as the st. louis computer services friday exit poll. you can listen to the latest edition here, or read the answers below. or do both!

The Exit Poll on The Morning After

Level of disappoint of loss for Cardinal loss?

Jim – 10
Charlie – 5
Tim – 4

Will Jason Heyward be back with the Cardinals?

Tim – Yes
Charlie – No. when he hits the open market, he will have offers that he will not be able to turn down.
Jim – No

Who will be in the World Series?

Charlie – Royals/Cubs
Jim – Blue Jays Cubs
Tim – Blue Jays/Cubs

Who would you cheer for if you had to pick KC or cubs?

Charlie – Cubs
Jim – Royals
Tim – Cubs

Current 3 late night hosts. Who is your favorite?

Charlie – Kimmel
Jim – Kimmel
Tim – Fallon