SLU’s Travis Ford talks Mizzou’s Cuonzo Martin hiring, program’s future talent

Travis Ford

St. Louis University Men’s Basketball Coach Travis Ford joined The Press Box on Tuesday to discuss a variety of topics, including Mizzou’s hiring of Cuonzo Martin and the challenge it may bring in St. Louis-area recruiting. He also discussed the future of the program and possible additions to the roster.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

How do you view the challenge of Mizzou hiring Cuonzo Martin and him recruiting in St. Louis?

“It’s exciting. I’ve always said recruiting is competitive. Cuonzo is going to do a great job. But we have a lot here that I think players want to be a part of. The excitement around the program, the facilitis, the style of play…I think kids want to play in a system that showcases their skills (both defensively and offensively). Whether they’re from St. Louis or the surrounding area (I think we have a lot to offer here). But no question Cuonzo is going to do a great job coaching and recruiting.”

Any news on non-conference games you have scheduled for next year?

“There’s a lot close (games). I hate to talk about it until you get contracts sign. We’re going to go to (play in New York in Madison Square Garden on national television). Just to be invited to that is a huge honor for our program. And we’re putting together (some other games that hopefully will be announced soon).”

What was your reaction to Illinois hiring Brad Underwood?

“Obviously a shocker. But I have a lot of respect for Brad Underwood. No question, I think he’ll make a great impact on their program.”