April 13: Seg. 4 – Matthew Barnaby, EOTD

14-year NHL veteran and XM radio host Matthew Barnaby joins us to kick off the 9am hour previewing the Blues vs. Hawks, who has better sports talk radio – STL or CHI, Fungo calls in via The Appliance Discounters phone lines for some St. Gabe’s discussion, kids don’t care about layups anymore, Doug thinks 3-pointers should only be allowed in the last 2 minutes of a youth game, who was the best Bulls center during their 90’s run, will Doug multi-task and catch some of the Cardinals game tonight, is there a suite set aside at the Blues game specifically for tribbing, L.L. Cool J’s cinematic resume is discussed, Doug sings the Car 54 theme, The Cat had to explain the genesis of his nickname to Tim McCarver, Email of the Day.