April 12: Seg. 3 – Jeremy Hazelbaker & EOTD

Tim is going to try and do 200 push-ups like Doug, Mr. Vaughn wants to know what Tim will wear at the Brentwood Forest pool, Scooter Gennett is a recent pickup of the Prime Ministers while Hazelbaker is now on the Southside Seamen in Fantasy Baseball, Tim’s bench is deep but is also allergic to cats, youth baseball is discussed as young Tyler Hayes has an important game this evening, how do you fold a suit to fit into a suitcase and not get wrinkled, Lance Lynn continues to campaign against this show while on the DL, should Tim do a cruise with supporters of the show, people often walk up to The Cat and ask for tickets, Doug was upset when somebody recently keyed his car, what’s Doug wearing today, grade school basketball is discussed, Cardinals OF Jeremy Hazelbaker joins the program to discuss his impressive start to the 2016 campaign, why does it smell like something is on fire, Email of the Day.