April 12: Seg. 2 – Nitwittery, Rick Hummel

The Communards kick off our 8 o’clock hour, Mike Lee joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines to discuss the latest developments in his love life, recapping our broadcast at Llywelyn’s for Opening Day, Tim used Uber to get to and from the game yesterday, The Cat apparently split one with Danny Mac too, Jennings is excited about the #FreeDotem Open with several women participating in #FFF, Janie TL has confirmed, the Cubs installed a disco ball and turned their locker room into a dance party, Hazelbaker has moxy, more updates on the remodel at Wrigley Field, Doug shares his knowledge on pilates, the Hall of Famer Rick Hummel joins the presentation to discuss Opening Day and Hazelbaker, Doug was impressed by the moment of silence for Joe Strauss, Doug signed autographs yesterday while the KMOV band played, are they trying to market this show pony now, the Cardinals are still in need of a theme song, Mr. Met is upset that he didn’t get an NLCS ring, Doug disparages some mascots, Tim thinks an award winning film could be made based on Rick Ankiel.