April 14: Seg. 2 – Derrick Goold and NHL Network’s EJ Hradek

Derrick Goold joins the show, talks Cardinals late-inning loss to the Brewers last night. Trevor Rosenthal blew the save. “Fred From the Poor Part of the NAIL” is at Billy G’s. He sits down with the boys. He wants to fight Doug. New Athens, Ill. has a strong listener contingent. Breaking news: Rams trade for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Quite the operation they got going on in LA. Going back to the Blues’ victory. David Backes sound on his game-winning goal. We play Brian Elliot’s post-game comments on the win. Ray King sent in a picture of his dad. NHL Network’s E.J. Hradek joins the show to discuss the Blues’ Game 1 win. Says win ultra-important because Duncan Keith will return to the Blackhawks in Game 2. Plow Boy on the mic. Talks about growing up in Canton, Ill. Doug discusses being topless at Billy G’s. #AudioFun with Donald Trump bring up Joe Paterno at a political rally yesterday. “How’s Joe Paterno, we going to bring that back? How about that whole deal”? Time for another break.