April 11: Seg. 1 – Show Open

The fellas are posted up at Llywelyn’s Pub in Soulard for the Cardinals home opener festivities, Cat and Fox Sports Midwest will have a special 3 hour pregame presentation before home opener, Cat gives props to the Atlanta Braves bunch for a hell of a series with the Cardinals, the Braves are a -21 run differential in the first week of the season, Doug continues his rant about the Masters 7 their love affair for the Azalea’s, Tim actually upset about¬† Spieth’s collapse at Augusta, Spieth is now being killed on social media for how he acted after he lost at the Masters, how will Spieth performe in future tournaments after the hearbreaking collapse at Augusta, the Blues will host the Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs, game 1 starts at 8:30 and fans are not to happy with such a late start, Hitchock says the key to beating the Blackhawks is having there star players out play Chicago’s star players, Backes will return to the lineup for game 1 in St. Louis, how to explain the Blues lack of effort against Washington, Jeremy Hazelbaker came out of no where and is now hitting 2nd in the order, who would have expected a 28 year old rookie being such an impact so early in the season, why is Grichuk being benched so early in the season? Grichuk may see alot more of the bench with Hazelbaker hitting so well, fans should be very concerned with how Wainwright has been pitching with his first two starts of the year, why is Holliday hitting 3rd in the batting order?