April 12: Seg. 1 – Show Open

Larry Nickel is unhappy that people were tweeting about his recaps being inaccurate, now Natty Nate is threatening to call in again as well, how do you protect your tweets, who wore their new red jacket better – Doug or Charlie, The Cat explains how Hazelbaker ended up agreeing to appear on this presentation, is Hazelbaker the real deal, what about comparing him to Bo Hart, could we describe him as “toolsy”, can Diaz continue his hot start as well, Doug says the Brewers looked like they had nothing however The Cat was about to award them a spirit victory, it took some courage for Lou Brock to make that first pitch, why does Tony La Russa still come to Cardinals events now that he’s running another team, will Doug stay awake for an 8:43pm puck drop tomorrow, an update on Plow Boy’s Opening Day, Hrabosky referenced The Cat’s “Classic Go to Bat” interview during pregame yesterday, #AudioFun as Chuck Marlow talked about his red jacket on the 2 Fox, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel which also includes audio of a confrontation between Dr. Phil and Nature Boy Ric Flair, up next is Natty Nate with a retort.