April 13: Seg. 1 – Show Open

Playoff hockey is some of the most exciting action in the sports calendar, we’re not bullish on the 8:30pm start though, what should we make of Ken Hitchcock’s 26 second press conference, Mike Trout apparently beat Steph Curry in a game of pig, where is this phantom whistling coming from, are people confused on where to find the Blues game on TV tonight, could the whistle be the ghost of The First Pitch, is Tim growing a playoff beard, what brand clothing is Doug donning today, do shrubs grow faster than a beard, Timberfake is a great follow on Snapchat, the gamblers have the Blues and Blackhawks at even for the series, what will happen if the Blues bounce in the first round again this year, remembering the 1982 World Series, discussing uniform and hat colors, what did Plow Boy think of the new studios, he used to have to take off his shoes at work, the infamous Wreath was with Plowsy yesterday, how high were they, what is Plow Boy’s favorite weed strain, Vin Scully did his final home opener at Dodger Stadium yesterday, the D-Backs have some questionable uniforms.