Producer Joe Bids Farewell to Sam Bradford on TMA

John Sandner, Wed, 11 Mar 2015 13:26:00 GMT

Producer Joe welcomed Nick Foles to St. Louis and bid farewell to Sam Bradford as he discussed the Rams/Eagles big trade with Charlie, Doug and Jim on The Ryan Kelly Morning After.

Well Joe, is today the BEST DAY EVER now that Bradford is on his way to Philadelphia?

Just want to thank Sam Bradford and his agent Tom Condon for not taking a pay cut and making this whole deal possible.

Bradford vs Foles, who won the trade?

No matter how this trade plays out on the field, unloading Bradford’s contract is a huge positive for a team that was strapped by the salary cap.

How could Chip Kelly make this deal?

At this point, many in Philadelphia are beginning to question Kelly’s moves during free agency and wonder what his ‘master plan’ is.

ProdJoe, will you miss Sam?

One word: No. Sam Bradford’s contract was one of the worst in the entire league.

Doug vs ProdJoe: the Bradford Bet

ProdJoe bets Doug that Bradford will miss 3 times more games than he will have pro bowl appearances the rest of his career.

Was this trade necessary?

Ask yourself one question — who are the 3 best players on the Rams team?

1.) Robert Quinn

2.) Aaron Donald

3.) Chris Long

Now, shouldn’t atleast ONE of your top 3 be your QB?

Listen to the complete interview here:

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