Monday’s Show Synopsis……….

Ben Boyd, Mon, 19 May 2008 22:56:00 GMT

Doug and Cat make fun of how much time Tim really puts into his website, which is launching a new design today. They said that Tim probably went to sleep at 5:30p Friday to get enough sleep to wake up by 11 on Saturday…….Tim’s wife can’t hit his slider when they play wiffleball…..Tim met his new neighbor who put up the privacy fence over the weekend because Tim hit one over the fence, and he brought it back to him. Tim uses the “whopper” big red bat.

cat likes going to the galleria. tim likes the west county mall. cat said that last time he went to crest wood mall, they had let wildlife loose, and shoppers could go hunting inside the mall. animals could hide in the big
Tim talks about the nightmare he had with the first company he tried to have build his house, but couldn’t disclose the name of the company due to legal ramifications.

It’s interesting how players like Joe Magrane, who hated the media, have become members of the media after their career……The guys talk about Stan the Man at Busch Stadium yesterday and talk about how he was such a great guy and a great player. Doug went to Stan’s house one time for an interview and he was outside cutting the grass on his riding lawn mower just happy as can be…..Doug saw Stan hit a 420 foot home run in the Old Busch during an old timer’s game in the 70’s.

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe wrote that the New England Patriots’ championships are tainted…..Greg Easterbrook on wrote that it is necessary for Bill Belichik to be suspended and a whole season suspension would be a light sentence.

Will Witherspoon:

will is on his way to work out and jokes that he may do the elliptical

Derrick Goold:
The Cardinals were really overmatched this weekend against the Rays, but won because they got timely hitting when they needed it, and they made the right connection in the bullpen. Ludwick’s winning homerun gave them confidence going into Sunday. Derrick thinks that Ludwick needs to play everyday with how his offensive totals rank with the rest of the league in 30 fewer at-bats. He isn’t going to keep up his stats all season, but he is a threat that other teams have to account for……Chris Perez will pitch his way into a set-up role, and if he pitches well there is no reason that he will ….Perez knew that when he came I he had a great chance to get a mark, and he didn’t walk anyone….Derrick thinks Franklin will have to falter for Perez to be given the closing role.

Cat said it looks like there is no fear in Perez, and he is the type of guy that can strike people out, which is what you want in your closer. Doug said he should be given the closing job right away……The guys discuss if they think the Cardinals will be in the race at the dne of the season….Randy Karraker said he isn’t sure the Cardinals will contend in the end of the season last night on Sports Plus on Channel 5

A man who was being attacked by a bear said he pretended like it was eating his brains and he lay real still like he was dead…..The guys talk about rabbits, and Cat wonders why there are so many in the Central West End. What happens to dead rabbits? Cat never sees any.

producer joe is “sock-less in seattle.”…..tim said that joe never wears

Doug bets that a good pick-up line is to tell a girl that you like tattoos so she shows you hers……Tim thinks if you have a lot of tattoos, in a lot of cases, you are very intelligent—-causing Cat to remember why he hates Tim. Through the process of osmosis, Cat has been sucked of IQ points from hanging out with Tim.

Leftover Riff Raff:

Doug’s starter doesn’t work on his BBQ pit so he has to manually light it and almost blows up his backyard each time…..Doug doesn’t read directions…..when someone says “I’ll tell you what” you know…..German makes Cat very uncomfortable because he is Jewish…..Everyone loves hearing about who is on someone’s fantasy team……Doug has given up on his morals…..Cat would only go out to dinner with a porn star if he was wrapped in cellophane. pants section and it’s just like the wild…… today…..Will is a free weight guy. The guys joke about Matt Walsh being out at Rams Park taping their workouts on the elliptical machines… Will said until a final decision is made about spygate, he can’re really comment on it. Will said that the Rams made some good moves this offseason and had a really good draft and thinks the Rams will be good this year….Will knows German, and in his bio it says he knows other languages too, but he said he has been trying to get the Rams to fix his bio and get that out of there but it just never gets fixed. shorts because he is embarrassed about his barb-wire tattoo on his calf and Cat kept asking him about it, finally got under his skin after 4 years. Joe said that he got it with a group of people. Cat has a tattoo of Barney Rubble on his belly because he has been a fan of his work for a long time……Cat admitted that he kept pestering Joe about his tattoo because Joe has kept telling guests to call him Mr. Bubbles.