Monday’s Show Synopsis..

Ben Boyd, Mon, 28 Jul 2008 16:54:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis

Doug Vaughn is back from vacation and said it rained a lot in New York…..Doug’s family brings satchels to restaurants to bring rolls home with them…..Doug yelled at his son who stayed in St. Louis for having a couple parties, and his son said “but father I love you”……..There was a big message on Tim’s website: “Party at my house: Vaughn’s son”……..Cat thinks it’s a minor upset that no one stole anything from the Vaughn family……People in the Albany airport told Doug they love the show…..The guys can’t figure out what happened to the airport in St. Louis. There is no life, and everything is closed……

Cat had to snap at his camera man in Memphis to get the live shot done, so then they were chatting, patching things up…..His phone rang and he said “Oh no, it’s them.”…… Cat thought he meant FSN was calling so he took his phone, and the number calling was 000-000-0001…….Cat took the phone and answered and heard a lot of other voices at the other end saying hello, hello, hello, hello……He told Cat an elaborate story that aliens were behind September 11…… “They” have been intimidating him every time he speaks out about it, and they re-arrange his furniture……The Hopi Indians have known about this for years…..A Hell’s Angel told him if he wants to live, he needs to leave this alone……Cat told him that he dares them to move his furniture……Hopi Indians and Aliens clean Cat’s apartment, and he doesn’t have to pay them….. You just dial 000-000-0001, and ask for Gorneck……They use an alien cleaner from another world…….They drive a black van…….Cat said if aliens were here and among us, they would be on YouTube……Doug said there is stuff like that on there but you just don’t know what to believe……

The website that Doug got screwed on with his hotel in New York was actually…….Doug ended up spending $500 instead of $80…….Doug’s house was messed up when they got home, but he said that it wasn’t necessarily from his son having parties; Doug said that his son could make a huge mess by himself……Doug’s son eats in front of the TV and just leaves the plate in the living room; he also changes clothes and just leaves them on the floor……

Panic has set in because of the Cardinals losing streak, and they haven’t made any deals …….Cat got upset when the guys were talking about the leadership on the Cardinals. He said how could they have done so great this year with no leaders? Just because they have hit a bump in the road doesn’t mean they don’t have leaders on the team.

Buster Olney:
buster doesn’t see the cardinals getting much before the trade deadline…….it seemed that the cardinals were the team in the lead to get fuentes, but the rockies have now decided that they are going to be buyers and not sellers……the orioles want a major league ready shortstop in a trade for george sherrill, and the cardinals don’t have that to offer…..the blue jays don’t think they will end up trading aj burnett…….buster thinks the only way the cardinals could get sherrill is by having another team involved because they want a shortstop so bad……buster wasn’t surprised by the cards bringing chris carpenter back so soon because he has experience coming back from injuries……before the season, buster picked the cubs to go to the world series, but now he would pick the brewers…..other gms think the cards are making the right move by not trading their young guys…….the blue jays gm said that he is not moving holliday, and they are actually working on an extension……buster doesn’t think manny ramirez and tony larussa would really mesh if the cardinals traded for him…….

The guys think Steven Jackson’s holdout will cause fans who weren’t upset with Jackson before to now be against him…..Should Steven had been traded before the draft?…..The Rams traditionally treat their stars well, and Doug thinks Steven should get to camp knowing that……Kurt Warner came to camp without a deal before and the Rams gave him a big deal…..Doug doesn’t blame a player for trying to renegotiate, but doesn’t think a player should hold out if they are under a current contract……Jackson’s former agent said he wishes Steven and his sister Rhonda good luck when he resigned, which makes Tim think that she is meddling in his business……

Derrick Goold:
derrick thinks it’s creepy that tim knew he was born in 1975……derrick is with manny right now, and he is teaching him how to get cell reception in the green monster…..doug wondered if iraq has an independent league…….cat thinks manny coming to st. louis would be a perfect match…..he is a tremendous talent, but goofy and always good for copy for the paper….. derrick said the more he talks to people, the more it seems the cards aren’t going to make any deals before the deadline…..they just don’t want to trade away their prospects …….derrick thinks that there is going to be pitching on the market this year that will command big time contracts, and the cards need to be in play because they are taking money off the books next year…..doug really wants manny in st. louis, but derrick thinks manny does this every year and nothing ever happens….

Leftover Riff Raff:
Maybe Tim could have Traveler next Door……..Tim is still sick, and Doug wonders if he has a tumor…..Cat said that the Cards could SOAR with Manny Ramirez…..Caller Dan suggested the Cardinals invest in a witch doctor and voodoo dolls……..Cat wonders what Martin is eating in Wisconsin—-ribs for breakfast with cheese sauce?…….Cat sent Bo Hart a text Friday night saying his wife did a nice job singing the national anthem, and he said “thanks, that’s the second time you have sent me a text…….Tyler Green is on his way to Memphis…..Mike Lee is right-handed and has all the pitches…….