Monday’s Show Synopsis…

Ben Boyd, Mon, 21 Jul 2008 15:52:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis


Jay Jr. filled in for Doug who is still on vacation in New York…..The guys wonder why Tiki Barber is going to be on the show today, and Jay lists a bunch of C guests that have been on the Sports Buffet so that Iggy can get a B guest for the morning show……

iggy contacted maggie about getting together to hang out when he is in orlando…….she lives in daytona, but that “isn’t too far for iggy to go to get a little bit of a sniff” according to jay……

Tickets for the Mizzou vs. Illini game on August 30 go on sale tomorrow, and you can win tickets from….Will it be the biggest college football game ever in St. Louis?

Cat told the guys that sometimes Tony LaRussa will enter the press conference room after the game, and everyone thinks he is going to start his press conference, but he heads to the back to get a soda. So Cat is worried that sometime Pat Parris will throw it to the podium and Tony will be getting a soda so he offered to get Tony a drink if he needs one and Tony has been taking advantage of the offer…..Cat had a soda waiting for the skipper with Tony written on the cup, and when LaRussa realized that his name was on the cup he almost spit his drink out laughing…..That is the only time that Cat has almost made Tony laugh…..There used to be some tension between Tony and Martin, but now Tony laughs 40% of the time at Martin…..


Doug can’t be absorbing the internet while he is on vacation in his cheap hotel….They have one hotel in Cooperstown, and you have to stay in a Bed n Breakfast if you go there according to Tim…..The Bed n Breakfast is being in a house with a bunch of other people so you don’t have a lot of privacy and freedom…..

chris carpenter wasn’t pleased with his performance, which made the guys happy that he said that because usually everyone is happy with their rehab starts and the cards bring them back too soon….in joe strauss’ article, tony said that there is a chance that carp could pitch this friday against the mets…the cardinals will play in chicago august 8, 9, and 10, and tim is wondering if they could do the show from up there…..

Producer Joe left the bar Friday night so he wasn’t too bad on Saturday for the Soccer show……Tim had to explain to Cat what a mega touch machine in a bar is because Joe talked about one from Friday night……

The guys talk about the Andy Dick experience in the cabana in Las Vegas. Cat had
A bottle of booze in the cabana in Las Vegas that you could buy at a grocery store for $25 cost around $400 in the cabana……Producer Joe thinks you have to buy 3 bottles when you have the cabana next to the pool…..The guys never did see Nic Ritchie from in Vegas…..Cat said that he didn’t have that much fun when he was in Vegas at a pool because it felt like spring break with a lot of drunk people. Cat wondered why he was sitting at that pool when he could’ve been at Blue Man Group…..

Chris Everett was Jay’s first crush, and he is very disappointed that she married Greg Norman….


Lance Bass has found love with a “hot” trainer, who is married….However, he has been separated from his wife for three years……”Also in gay news,” Brady Quinn’s photo was used in a gay website ad. The Cleveland Browns have said that Quinn didn’t authorize the website to use his image and that he is not gay—not that there is anything wrong with that……

Derrick Goold:
it looked like chris carpenter was cruising along the first few innings, but then he wasn’t able to assert his fastball later i the start and didn’t have his command towards the end…. if chris can get his pitch count up and show the velocity they want, then he could be back up here in 2-3 starts……since he is dealing with an elbow injury, it is more predictable than other injuries……the cards are playing in a lot of close games, and derrick thinks that tony is always playing the angles with the bullpen. a lot of teams would have big problems losing a guy like izzy, but the cards have been aggressive bringing up different arms and it has been working for the most part……derrick said if he had his choice of free agents for this team, he would take a left-handed reliever who has closer experience—-ideally fuentes or george sherrill…..there is a real sense in the clubhouse that everyone wants izzy to be the closer, but izzy sabotages himself by wanting to do more than he can…….it would be very hard to get sherrill, and the cards aren’t the only team looking at fuentes and sherrill….troy glaus is swinging more aggressively, and troy said that he is comfortable because he is seeing the ball well. the tissue on the bottom of his feet is feeling a lot better than last year too when he was in a lot of pain all the time…. todd wellemeyer doesn’t have the same break on his slider that he had before he hurt his elbow, and he is well past his career high in innings pitched…..when carp and wainwright come back, it looks like wellemeyer may fit in pretty well in the bullpen….

Leftover Riff Raff:

Tim BBQ’d all weekend and caught a cold….Cat and Austin had a spat before…..The guys wonder if a Tiger’s Blood sno-cone is vegan…..Billy Ocean had a lot of hits, and he should be at Argosy soon…..The movie Orgazmo has caped crusaders…..The worst way to die is to know you are going to drown while listening to one of Tim’s poker stories….The Big Z is a very dependable guy, and he is like a super hero……