Monday’s Show Synopsis….

Ben Boyd, Mon, 14 Jul 2008 16:09:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis

All three hosts are back together today.

Sometimes Doug thinks there are only 3 or 4000 people in the world because everywhere he goes he sees people he knows. “It’s a shell game.”……People came up to him in London and Paris and said hey Doug…..

Cat and Doug have their own website, but it is smaller than Tim’s……They had to have their pool party at a pool in Branson while Tim’s party was in Vegas….Doug said there is no food shortage in Branson because people are big…..Someone allegedly got decapitated on the “Fire in the Hole” roller coaster ride in Branson…….Someone lost their “top half” while they were riding on a double-decker bus.

tim got married 4 years ago and still hasn’t seen his wedding tapes and he is afraid that the photographer lost them… saw them on ebay….doug stomped on glass at his wedding even though he’s not jewish….

If you wear your best shorts to the Aces tennis match, maybe Anna Kournikova will fall in love with you…..Tim wears Dockers…..

Saturday was the worst loss of the year because it was 2 blown saves…..There were just no answers in the bullpen…..Izzy said he feels that he is back and he just threw a bad pitch…..Saturday’s game was mind blowing to Tim…..An unnamed person with the Cardinals told Cat that the price for Matt Holiday or Fuentes is extremely high…..Cat thinks they will make a move for a bullpen guy who isn’t a big name guy…..Tim said that if this was just a video game, he would put Adam Wainwright back in the bullpen as a closer, however, in real life, he doesn’t want to close, and the Cardinals need him as their #1 starter…..Cat said that the team needs Wainwright as a starter because of how the other starters have been playing…..Mark Mulder is going to go see Dr. Andrews…. Would you have another surgery if you were him?……Doug said Mark is still pretty young so he might want to take another shot…..Cat thinks he will buy a pontoon boat and chill down at the lake…..Tim doesn’t think baseball is everything to Mulder, and he will hang it up…..He may play golf professionally.

There is a report that Clark Kellog will replace Billy Packer on CBS’ broadcast team……The guys talk about why people hate Packer. He didn’t know anything about SIU when they were in the tournament….Packer is very biased towards the SEC teams.

Barry Bonds is available right now to provide protection for Albert Pujols. Cat said he thinks it’s more about Barry not being able to perform in the field, and that the team doesn’t want to mess with the chemistry of the team. Doug agreed that he makes no sense at all because he can’t play left field.

Bernie Miklasz:
bernie received a moderate amount of email about his column yesterday about bonds…..miklasz thinks they wouldn’t sign bonds because he is “radioactive” and bill dewitt won’t touch him……he wasn’t saying the team should sign him, but that people shouldn’t be hypocritical if they are still fans of mark mcgwire. bernie said that bill dewitt found religion when it comes to bonds….he thinks other teams not touching him is collusion, but cat said that he thinks that teams don’t want him because of his age and lack of play in the field…..bonds’ agent said he would play for the minimum, and bernie thinks that baseball is a part of his life and would want to come back……it’s hard to gauge what john mozeliak is going to do, because cardinals’ scouts are being reported as watching different teams, but it’s hard to know what they are looking for because scouts are always looking at teams at this time of year…..

Cougar Hunter Jake is so smooth that he just walks up to a girl and before you know it he will be holding hands with her….He went into the supply closet with a very hot girl at Lush…..

Doug thinks that the Packers should take Brett Favre back and let him start because of what he has done for the team…..The only solution really is to let him start because you don’t want him to play for one of your rivals…..It would be one thing if Brett sucked last year, but he played really well and should be able to play well this year too……What if Brett comes back and only plays one year and Aaron Rodgers leaves next year as a free agent?

Leftover Riff Raff:
Arsenio Hall is peddling timeshares in Las Vegas…..Joel Goldberg can’t shave himself because of his huge meaty fingers…..Producer Joe had a crazy crazy weekend, but he won’t let Tim talk about it on the air…..Every time the song I Kissed a Girl comes on, a lot of lesbianism breaks out……..Cat said that a large number of guys on Tim’s message board haven’t kissed a girl……. The latest trend in New York is “mop hopping.”………. Tim lives a life that the rest of us only dream about……….Cat said that he would like to have a shrine to himself in his home like Tim…..Red Robin has a burger that has au gratin potatoes on it…..