Monday’s Show Synopsis…..

Ben Boyd, Tue, 08 Jul 2008 15:42:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis


Jay is filling in again for Tim because he is out in Las Vegas playing in the World Series of Poker.

Doug wants to know why Mitchell Boggs is being skipped over for a start by Mark Mulder in Philadelphia coming up. Mitchell had a bad outing in his last start, but he had 3 good ones before that.

Jay said he thinks LaRussa made a big deal out of the Edmonds comments. LaRussa said that he wanted to put the pressure on him, which worked because he went 0 for 4 Friday night…….This is a big stretch for the Cards before the All-Star break, and it would be huge if the guys are wrong and Mulder has a huge outing.

producer joe is back from vegas; he said that andy dick was at the hard rock pool where they were staying…..joe was having problems breathing out there because he forgot his inhaler…… “big grease” hung out with andy dick and his assistant thursday night. he didn’t get violated at any point… some point andy came into joe’s hotel room when he was unconscious and he was bouncing around…..joe recognized the “leper” and “alien” from, and he had them stop by the cabana to take pictures and hang out, but they never met nik ritchie……tim plays again tomorrow.


Jay was disappointed that Kyle Lohse didn’t maek the All-Star game. Ryan Ludwick is likely going to be a guy who really .

Bernie Miklasz:
Bernie said he always enjoys coming on the show……Jim asked Bernie what he thought about Tim not waking up and coming on the show this morning and Bernie said Tim needs to get his rest so he can play well……Bernie said if he was a Cards fan he wouldn’t cheer Edmonds because of the uniform, and he said that if he can’t have fun with his column when the Cubs come to town then he shouldn’t have his job……. LaRussa was very serious though with his comments about Edmonds this weekend. Bernie wondered if he said it to put the pressure on Edmonds……..It seems like the Cards are trying to get at least some value out of Mark Mulder by starting him this week. Doug said he can’t imagine any other reason he is starting than because how much money the Cardinals are paying him, and Bernie agrees but thinks he should at least get his start at home…… Jay can’t understand why they don’t start him in the minors…… Bernie said that there is some rumbling in the Clubhouse about this too, and they are wondering why he is starting because the team can’t give games away….Bernie said that he doesn’t get worked up about All-Star selections anymore, and he doesn’t have a problem with Kyle Lohse or Yadier Molina being left off the team……C.C. Sabathia is a huge addition for Milwaukee, and not only are the Brewers going to be better, but not the Cubs are going to be ultra aggressive to get another starter because the Brewers did……. Bernie said that now John Mozeliak is in a terrible spot because the Cards weren’t expected to contend this year and they don’t want to give away their youngsters in a trade even though they are in the race.

Tim McKernan:

Tim joined the guys from Vegas even though it was 6:45am out there…..Tim is wearing crotchless panties…..He said it was intimidating at first. He was trying to get a feel for the guys at his table. Tim knew he could pick on the guy sitting at seat 3 because he was noticeably nervous…..An hour and a half into the game, being able to lay down the best hand in poker meant a lot to Tim, and he is still thinking about it…..Tim can see online who he will be playing against, and he is going to be playing against 2 pros at his table which is going to make it difficult……Tim is sitting at 26,325 chips right now, and a pro with 60,000 chips will be sitting to his right…….Ray Romano is playing out there, and at his table, a guy had 4 Aces but was knocked out by someone with a Royal Flush…..Tim was unable to fall back asleep after construction noise woke him up at 5:45am the other day…….Andy Dick had a tuxedo speedo on at the pool, and he came over and hung out in Tim’s cabana…..Tim contacted TMZ about selling pictures of Andy Dick to them, but they only offered him $50 to $75 so he said no…….Tim has a sense of accomplishment making it out of day 1, and he feels like he will play with a little more reckless abandonment in day 2…….


Cat lost his debit card so he asked his wife if she could get him some cash when they were going to Lumiere Place Casino. She tried to hand him $100 bill while he was driving, but he said he would take it later so he could put it in his wallet because he didn’t want to while he was driving. So they were in the casino and he asked his wife for the money and she said she gave it to him already so then he figured it was still in the car, but they had valet parked so he was worried it would be gone. However, when they got the car back, the $100 bill was sitting in there, and Cat’s faith in humanity was restored…..

Jay found a $2 bill on the Landing Thursday and looked around to see if anyone had dropped it.

Brett Wallace:
brett said the first thing he is going to buy with his signing bonus will probably be a car… was a dream come true for him to see his jersey in the locker room when he signed his contract at busch stadium…..brett said it felt great to hit his first home run as a pro…..he said it was definitely a good experience to play in the cape cod league because they hit with wood bats…….brett works hard everyday on his defense at third base…..he grew up in northern california and really liked the a’s, but when tony larussa moved to st. louis his family followed the cardinals….brett said he followed ken griffey when he was young, and he has followed albert pujols a lot recently…..he said he wants to work hard to get to the big leagues and stay there…..brett likes to play x-box……there is a big difference in the ladies between scottsdale and quad cities…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim has a history of illnesses…..Tim was doing a lot of math when he came on and Doug asked him “what the hell are you talking about”…….It is weird that Tim actually has a topless picture of himself with Andy Dick after the guys made it part of the exit poll……. Tim said he hasn’t hit someone since the early 90’s, but if Andy Dick was all up on him like he was to this other guy from St. Louis, Tim would’ve hit him…..Cat once spotted a half eaten bagel and a potato on the Landing……Cat wouldn’t buy a new car now because new technology may change cars…..The police have dropped the ball in the Tupac investigation……