Monday’s Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Mon, 11 Aug 2008 16:26:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis

The guys discuss NBC not allowing anyone to use Olympic footage within 24 hours…. The Cat talks about radio shows stealing FSN’s audio and using it like it is their own…..FSN just hired three private investigators called the audio cops….Cat said sometimes that the post-game show is still on and someone plays Tony LaRussa’s press conference like it is their own…..

Chris Carpenter leaving with an injury was frightening and sickening according to Cat and Doug, respectively……Both Carpenter and LaRussa were both encouraged last night in the locker room…..Doug has written off the NL Central, but Cat said that the Cubs are the Cubs and they will have a downward spiral in them…..Everything can change in a week…… 

tim drove to chicago friday night, and he was exchanging texts with jim edmonds on his way up there…..when he got online later that night, tim saw the quote on bernie’s press box on that after the game friday when brent stover and mike claiborne tried to interview edmonds, jim said, “i’m done with st. louis tv and radio and i’m done with the cardinals.”…..tim sent jim a text saying people are going crazy over what he said today…..jim asked tim what he was talking about because he said he didn’t say anything…..tim told him what the quote was, and edmonds called tim flipping out saying that he didn’t say that…..tim talked to stover and claiborne, and brent said he didn’t remember hearing jim say that, but claiborne said that he knows what he heard and he recalled seeing a cubs batboy hearing it too and looking at him like he couldn’t believe that edmonds said that…..tim had edmonds and claiborne talk to each other, and both said that the conversation wasn’t hostile, but both stuck to their sides of the story……tim doesn’t think that edmonds is done with st. louis tv, radio or the cardinals, but tim believes that edmonds is done with tony larussa……cat said that edmonds has been blowing off the post-game interviews for fsn for years and that quote has to be put in context.

Rick Hummel:
if the cardinals find out chris carpenter is out an extended period of time, they need to bring adam wainwright back as a starter…..tony talked in circles to avoid saying that chris perez is the closer, because that is how tony is and he tries to protect the guy…..felipe lopez started 3 games in left field since he’s been here because rick ankiel was hurt. he needed at-bats, and you don’t want to expose joe mather to all the right-handed pitching……if rick ankiel can’t play tonight, hummel would be tempted to put him on the dl……the cards shouldn’t worry about catching the cubs, but they are only 3 games behind the brewers so they can get the wild card…..the brewers are going to be missing ryan braun, and they aren’t very good on the road…….the marlins are playing well, they hit home runs, and they are getting pitching back. hummel thinks they marlins are as good as anyone in the nl east getting their two starting pitchers back…..chris carpenter will attempt to throw a bullpen tuesday.

doug wasn’t terribly impressed with the rams saturday… wonders if the rams will ever score a touchdown in the preseason…..doug said he doesn’t think chris long touched a ball carrier all night, but the guys weren’t too concerned about a rookie in his first game…….marc bulger was 3-9 with 29 yards and an interception……they need to get steven jackson in camp because he is clearly a huge part of the team…..justin king is out for the year, and they already had issues at secondary…’s less than a month away from opening the season in philadelphia, and no one stood out in the game…..tim thinks that bulger will be on a short hook with trent green being here and scott linehan on the hot seat…… 

Today is Producer Joe’s 29th birthday…..Cat said he may buy Joe a summer sweater for his birthday….Joe is not a birthday guy, and doesn’t have any plans…..The guys rip on fake celebrities throwing themselves birthday parties because they are popular on myspace….. 

Mark Mulder will be resting up and focused on next year now…..He is in Arizona, and the guys wonder if he will find a team to play for next year…..The guys expect people to boo Jim Edmonds when the Cubs come back to town in September because of his quote this weekend that he isn’t talking to St. Louis media anymore…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug never heard about the black cat running on the field to curse the Cubs back in the day……Cat is willing to throw in a case of his Orange 180 to help get Steven Jackson signed……The Rams didn’t have any fire in the belly Saturday night so Doug suggested everyone eating chili…..If you are worried about vampire bats, you would carry a tennis racket with you…..Producer Joe’s mom is going to send him some kit-kats and Cat said he will get him some whores for his birthday…..Tim thinks that Carpenter said “f them all” when the Cubs fans booed him when he got hurt…..