Monday’s Show Synopsis.

Ben Boyd, Mon, 04 Aug 2008 16:45:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis

tim picked “the big payback” to be the opening/theme song for the show because of what happened to the show at the other place… had picked the old show open song—express yourself by nwa… walked into the press box bathroom one time, and someone was in the stall with the door open totally naked… has flashbacks to that moment, and it really effects his job when he is trying to interview people…..doug suggests taping the interviews instead of throwing the mic down on fsn…..when cat goes to the psycho therapists, they want to talk about the geico caveman……doug reads mark twain books during the show…..he has tom sawyer with him today…..

Tim ranks last night Cardinals’ loss as the 3rd most heartbreaking of the year with 2 rallies but still fell short…..Cat said this game wasn’t as difficult as other bullpen meltdowns, and he thought Wellemeyer pitched well last night…..Troy Glaus has 19 homers now, and has played great 3rd base this year…..Tony LaRussa actually questioned bringing Russ Springer into the game for the 3rd night in a row after the game….Cat had said that is why Springer can’t be the closer because he can’t pitch that often….Tim is frustrated because of all the Cardinals hitters swinging at the first pitch in late innings…. Cat and Doug said that if you take the first pitch and are down 0-1, you might not see another good pitch to hit…..Brad Lidge has been great this season for the Phillies after being damaged goods in Houston…..A caller said “the worst thing that happened to the Cardinals was that they won the World Series in 2006”……Tony wouldn’t bring Jason Isringhausen into the game until the 9th…

The guys wonder why the Packers didn’t have a competition at quarterback from the beginning with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers……Favre was one of the best quarterbacks in the league last year…..Doug wonders if they are just saying that it is an open competition so other teams would give them more in a trade…..The guys don’t know why Green Bay keeps saying they would trade him to one of the NFC North teams because there are so many other teams with bad quarterbacks……Brett will have a physical at noon, and the Packers are scheduled to take the field at 2pm……

Jon Miller:
hoping to turn it around with the return of chris carpenter and hopefully with the return of adam wainwright. last night it came down to the vulnerable brad lidge throwing sliders to two rookies who have never seen a slider like his……the brewers have the two headed monster with sabathia and sheets, but they are beatable and catchable for the wild card……jon said he thinks the cubs have firmly established themselves as the team to beat in the nl because their defense is very good, carlos marmol is almost untouchable, they have speed with soriano, they have everything…….the dodgers are also really impressive and arizona has two great pitchers for a playoff series……the cardinals play well defensively and do all the little things that have added up to them being a great surprise this year……it is hard to replace scott rolen’s defense at third base, but troy glaus isn’t bad, and he is likely to drive in 110/120 runs even after his slow start…..jon is great at impressions, and he did some of bob casey and bob shepard……jon said there is technology that can make shepard still the yankees announcer after he has passed away… one time, skip was one of the most well known and popular broadcasters in the country because of the national broadcasts of the braves and hawks on tbs… game he said, “he got hammered, and that’s what i plan on doing after the game.”…… will be very hard to replace skip carey……jack buck had just a macho, manly voice…..both skip and jack have family broadcast dynasties……vin scully is so good that the first 3 innings of dodgers games are simulcast on both tv and radio. this is his 59th season doing it, and he is one of jon’s favorite broadcasters……jon said he had to go the airport, and told the guys to play some commercials…..

Tim is upset that there is no news on Steven Jackson in the Post-Dispatch again…..The other guys said he probably doesn’t mind missing some of camp, and they don’t think it is a big deal because they will give him the ball, and he will run. He’ll come into camp at some point, and all the players will rejoice and welcome him, and the Rams will be Super Bowl contenders again…..Cat talks about “super fan” who used to go to Rams training camps and yelled tips to the players till Scott Linehan asked him to be moved further away from the field……

Mike Nadel wrote a column criticizing ESPN’s Erin Andrews for her wardrobe and flirtatious reporting style while she was covering the Cubs/Brewers series Wednesday night……He wrote that her skimpy outfit designed to accentuate her assets caused players to giggle like school girls and mutter things about her under their breath…..She was in the Cubs locker room before the game, and when Lou Pinella came out of his office and saw her, he asked if she was there to cover a game or at a modeling assignment ……Erin Andrews has responded to the article that it is really sad that people are watching her every move, and she should’ve been contacted before a story was written about her……Cat said if you are a good looking female you probably have a better chance of getting a story…..Cat said if he is joking around with the players in the locker room, no one notices (except for when he wears his short shorts), but if he was a female it would probably be a different story so it is a no win situation for female reporters…….

Leftover Riff Raff:
Producer Joe didn’t get wasted Friday night……Cat played high school basketball who was 20 something…….Doug said “poo-berty”….. Tim used to suggestively squeeze Jim Edmonds’ bicep in the locker room when he was a reporter….Sometimes Cat longingly gawks at the players’ buffet in the locker room….. Cat got his job because he can bench press so much weight…..Before he was the “Cat,” he was “Poncho Jim”…….Ricky Horton has beautiful fingers…….The guys like the song “Your momma’s on crack rock”……Doug didn’t want his picture taken at the party Friday night because he didn’t want it on……Iggy can’t register on the message board.