Monday’s Show Audio — Blues Even Series and Back In Action Tonight

Producer Joe, Mon, 16 Apr 2012 12:12:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1– Gentleman I Tell You This Honestly That I Can’t Remember a Better Playoff Game in the Last 10 Years Than What Happened at Scottrade on Saturday Night, Sobotka and Polak Just Dropping Fists and the Hitchcock Line Might Be the Line of the Year, The Sucker Punch is Unacceptable According to San Jose But They Started the Crap, That Game Was the Blues Season in a Microcosm, Its Gonna Be a Late One Tonight Boys, Can We Get a Defination of Slewfoot Please, I Would Be Shocked If Polak Doesn’t Have to Fight Again, and We Have Half a Month Left To See Who Wins the Champions League of Emails For the Month of April


SEGMENT 2– Is This Gilman Bless Him, He Reminds You of Your Innocence Lost with Your Uncle Karl, It Was Wet Tail at Opening Day and the Big Time Feeling Was Lost Along with the Game, We Last Until About the 5th Inning, the Cards are 7-1 In Non-Waino Starts This Season to Go Along with Lohse Westbrook and Lynn Being 2-0, Leading the Majors In Just About Every Offensive Category Imaginable, Carpenter Has a Fantastic Sunday Afternoon, Pujols Watch, the Cubs Have One Player That Would Play For The Cards This Season, Did Calvin May Get the First Question with the New Administration and I Have Heard Things That There May Be an Active Movement to Take That Act Away


SEGMENT 3– Joe Strauss Joins the Show Presented By R.F. Meeh to Talk About the 2 Starts This Season From Westbrook and Lance Lynn So Far, Matt Carpenter Changing His Approach at the Plate & It Has Worked, What Happens When Guy Start Coming Back Off the DL, Shane Robinson Would Probably Be the First Guy to Go When Schumaker Returns, The Struggles and Inconsistency of Tyler Greene & What the Team Can Do Because He Doesn’t Have Options, What to Make of the First Two Starts From Wainwright, and When Does Lilliquest Start Getting Some Credit For This Staff


SEGMENT 4– Lets Take a Quick Peek Inside the Cecil Whitakers Text Box and It Says That Doug Was Out Shopping For Sex Toys, There Is Starting to Be a Ground Swell of Support For IBON, How Can We Possibly Get More At-Bats for Tony Cruz?, I Will Tell You This If the Blues Play the Predators I May Have to Get Down to Nashville, Good Morning Mike Lee, Keith Tkachuk Joins the Show to Argue with Mike Lee About Hockey, His Thoughts About Saturday Night, Look Out For Polak When He Loses It, and the Hit I Was Most Concerned with Was From Brent Burns


SEGMENT 5– Is This New Communards Because It Sure Does Sound Like Jimmy Summerville, That Just Shows That You Don’t Know Your Way Around the Music Scene, I Decided to Call an Audible and Not Use That This Morning, I Am Very Curious to Hear What Your Thoughts Are on This Topic, Missouri Unveils Their New Uniforms and I Want to Know What You Guys Thought of Them, and Teachers Sleeping with Students


SEGMENT 6– Our NHL Highlight of the Weekend Presented By Johnny Londoff Chevrolet Was the Goal From David Backes After Oshie Does Some Serious Work, Kelly Chase Joins Us From San Jose Presented By Appliance Solutions to Talk About the Criticism These Playoffs Are Getting From Some Media Members, What Kind of Carry Over Will There Be in Tonights Game Against the Sharks, Who Is Going to Want to Open the Roman Polak Door?, and Elliott Being In Goal For Game Three, Plus Looking Around at the Other Series Going On


SEGMENT 7– Supplement Superstore Email of the Day


E-Mail of the Day:

Hi, my name is Sam. I am making a simple request to the cast and crew of the Morning After which I have made previously in text form. One of my favorite porn stars is Charlie Cooper. Recently I discovered upon reading up on her that she is from St. Louis.

With that (and other things) in mind, it occurred to me that combining two of my favorite things would be fun. If you would have Ms. Cooper on your show, I would be very happy. It would be a colorful interview. Here is a pornographic link to some basic info on her: (NSFW)

Yes, she is a BBW. I realize this is a touchy subject for you, Joe, but this is not intended to be a diss on you. I like BBWs. The funny thing is, over time, Ive become an @ProdJoe fan, sort of to my surprise. But the one thing about you that still pisses me off is your views on women. I strongly disagree with your tastes, outlook and groundrules. So, again, I am not asking for you to have her on the show as a way of secretly burning you. I think the “Joe likes big chicks” thing is one of the least funny recurring themes on the show, actually. I think it’s gay that it caught on, especially since, unlike many of the running jokes about you, this one has no basis. Lame.

Anywho, just a thought. Since it’s my idea, I dont think it’s too much to ask that I at least get to shake her hand at some point, but that’s a different discussion.

Thanks for your time. Good luck in the big fight, though I dont think you’ll need it. But please go all out and commit a murder.

-Sam in South City