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Producer Joe, Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:43:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Beginning Our Winter of Discontent on the Radio Program, No Pens and Spills with Doug, Today Will Be a Good Day for the Kingdom From 2-6, Everything Is Peaches with Burwell and the Rams, Doug Says Watching the Rams Makes You Sick to Your Stomach, Yesterday Could Have Much Worse at the Dome But At Least Avery Got His Celebration Dance In, and Would You Want to be the Quarterback of the Rams—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 2–Junior Ring Dance 1993, Cardinals Season Comes to An End without Much of a Fight on Saturday Night, the Street Outside of Busch Was Packed After the 7th Inning, Doug Would Have Stayed No Matter What He Paid for a Ticket, There Is Something Wrong with Starting a Playoff Game at 10:00 Eastern Time, Joel Was Bad Just Like He Was in September, Questions with Lineup in Game 3, Reception for Holliday, and the Long Term Look at This Ballclub After This Season—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 3–Tony LaRussa Isn’t Sure What Is Going to Happen in Terms of His Future in St. Louis, The Cat Thinks He Will Be Back After Meeting with the Front Office Today, Doug Wonders Where Else Would He Go If He Isn’t Here, What Role Does Getting Matt Holliday Play in His Decision, Will Duncan Be Back Next Year, and Is This Team the Biggest Disappointment of the Decade in the Postseason—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 4–Could You Have Imagined Sitting at the Dome in the Early Part of the Decade and Wondering What If, the Jags Open as 10 Point Favorites After Losing By 41 Yesterday to the Seahawks, Doug Does Some Reading About NFL While He Was In LA, Mike Lee Comes on the Show and His Sister Will Pass Away Today—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 5–Enjoy the Wonderment, Was Doug Henning For the Gays, Yadier Molina Makes It On Because He May Be Heading to a Courtroom for Not Living Up to a Contract with Sports Marketing Firm, Doug Doesn’t Have Any Inside Information on This Case, Timmy Klutsarits Joins the Show to Talk About What If, Getting a Few Laughs From Watching the Rams, Looking For Someone to Stand Up and Take Some Accountability, the Rams Did At Least Move the Ball a Little Bit, and It Is the Same Old Problem the Team Had Last Year—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 6–Mort Talks with Some People to Find Out What Is Going On with Rush and the Rams, All of the Anger Still Goes Back to Rush’s Comments About Donovan McNabb, Doug Doesn’t Believe That You Can Make Any Comment Regarding Race and Not Feel the Heat, There Are Folks Who Are Able to Inject Race Into Every Conversation, Even Hugo Chavez Could Buy the Team As Long As It Stays in St. Louis, and Players Are Encouraged to Speak Out Against Rush Buying the Team—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 7–John Mabry Joins the Show to Talk About What Happened Down the Stretch with the Cardinals, Baseball Is a Humbling Game, Against Good Pitching You Are Going to Get a Lot of Hit with Runners in Scoring Position, Talk About What Holliday Had to Go Through With His Error in Game 2, Could a Game Like Thursday’s Linger into Saturday, When the Whole Team Isn’t Hitting There Isn’t Much You Can Do with Runners in Scoring Position, and Was There a Piece That Was Missing—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 8–The Reverand Al Sharpton Has Written a Letter to Roger Goodell About Rush Limbaugh Attempting to Purchase the St. Louis Rams, A Lot of What Rush Has Said Seems to Be Urban Legend, Recent Statements That Rush Has Made in Regards to the Belleville Bus Beatings, and Is Rush Fit to Be An NFL Owner—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 9–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN