McKernan: Report From San Diego/Interview With Mayor

Tim McKernan, Thu, 29 Oct 2015 12:03:00 GMT

Report From San Diego/Interview With Mayor

SAN DIEGO “ The San Diego Town Hall started with fireworks as the Chargers’ fans who attended Spreckels Theater nearly booed Chargers’ Special Counsel Mark Fabiani off the stage.

Fabiani has taken the role of villain on in San Diego, on behalf of Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos.

however, as nfl executive eric grubman said following last night’s town hall, there was a difference between st. louis and san diego. the chargers’ fans expressed frustration, and really confusion, as to how they’re even in the mix for relocation. they did so with statements.

You can view Grubman’s post-town hall presser by clicking HERE.

St. Louis fans expressed similar frustration, but they asked Grubman for answers, specifically regarding relocation guidelines. Grubman came away from St. Louis looking more like the bad guy with his refusal to answer questions than he did in San Diego, where he and the other NFL reps on stage were rarely asked questions by the people who spoke over the course of the three-hour town hall.

Tim McKernan Calls TMA From California (10/29)

The San Diego Town Hall:

-You can watch video of fans outside The San Diego Town Hall discussing the Chargers/Carson/the Rams by clicking HERE.

-With the exception of standard applause for older fans who have been season ticket holders and military servicemen, perhaps the largest ovation came from a representative of Bring Back The Los Angeles Rams. He said Los Angelenos have no interest in the Chargers or Raiders. He said the people of California want the Chargers to stay in San Diego, the Raiders to stay in Oakland, and the Rams to return home to Los Angeles. This was met with a standing ovation.

Photos: Fans Outside San Diego Town Hall Event

-While Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times said he thought last night’s crowd in San Diego was angrier than St. Louis, I would disagree respectfully. (He also tweeted this before the San Diego Town Hall began and right as Fabiani was done). I thought it was not nearly as passionate as the St. Louis crowd. First off, let me make this crystal clear: I don’t think it matters in the slightest to what eventually transpires. Second, I think Chargers’ fans are used to this threat from Los Angeles, as this saga has played out for close to 15 years here. And third, there is not anger nearly as intense toward Spanos as there is toward Kroenke.

-Chargers’ fans both inside Spreckels Theater and outside don’t seem to take the Carson threat particularly seriously. And of the numerous fans I talked to, the vast majority said they would not travel two hours to the north to Carson to watch the Chargers should they move to Los Angeles.

-I thought it was an interesting point that native St. Louisan—and now San Diegan—Sean Simon brought up when he spoke last night in San Diego. Simon said the NFL is in the process of alienating millions of people in St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland, all while talking about expanding the game globally. Simon wondered why the NFL wouldn’t consider expanding in the U.S. before looking at expanding to Europe if you have three cities with teams that want to keep them and will build them stadiums, and then expand in Los Angeles.

Interview With San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

I sat down with Mayor Faulconer Wednesday afternoon at San Diego City Hall.

you can watch the interview with mayor faulconer by clicking here.

Faulconer didn’t care to engage with Fabiani’s more combative rhetoric over the last 10 months.

Fabiani called the latest San Diego stadium video for a new stadium in Mission Valley nothing more than something Faulconer is using to get re-elected.

Faulconer says San Diego has a plan on the table, and that the city is further along on a solution now than its ever been. He’s aware this is a process that dates back 15 years, but he has only been in office for 18 months.

I would describe Faulconer as quite confident that the Chargers will be staying in San Diego.

He had just met with the NFL right before coming in to sit down with us for the interview.

Mark Fabiani Interview

The Chargers’ Special Counsel apologized, but he said his schedule was at the mercy of the NFL and others throughout the day yesterday, and therefore, we didn’t get a chance to talk.

Fabiani did text and email with me over the last week and submitted numerous pieces of information.

he did a q & a on the website on 1090-am in san diego. you can read it by clicking here. suffice it to say, he thoroughly lays out his case, which, while unpopular here to the point of all the boos he received last night, is much more than we have heard from stan kroenke.
Quick Hits

-A rep from the Carson office contacted me yesterday via text regarding our coverage of Carson. She said she wanted to clarify that the smell I mentioned coming from the site in Carson is not the landfill. She wrote, There is a large nursery immediately north of the site.

-Our potential interview with Mark Davis is still up in the air. Raiders’ media relations contacted me last night saying they were not sure he would be in Oakland tomorrow.

-The Raiders’ town hall takes place at The Paramount Theater tonight in Oakland from 9 to 12 a.m. CDT. We plan to periscope outside of this session as well.

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