TMA: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Ryan Kelley has a better studio in his office than we do in our … studio, are we going to purchase the taco bell, The Cat says we have everything we need to put on a wonderful radio presentation, we have very expensive flooring, The Cat was not impressed by all the old office supplies littering the hallways here, we’re looking for the first 2nd round victory in St. Louis since 2002, Plowsy with a Hot Take from behind the glass, are all the women backing out of appearing at the Free Dotem Open, are they going to fly Seguin in commercial later in the week as a ruse, Tribbing is trending among executives in St. Louis, which generation is the entitlement generation, Tim was once fired from a Golf Club for playing while on the clock, many of our listeners are members at Bellerive, Doug is going to the Blues game tonight with Ryan Kelley, Tim is still bothered by the 8:42pm start, The Cat will be watching on his phone from Busch Stadium, what did Doug do to the Barnhart Brawler, the Fan Page has gone over 5000 members, The Cat says he tries to steal swag bags at golf tournaments, will Doug need a rape whistle next Friday, why does the Brawler keep getting removed from the Fan Page, one of our listeners spotted Ric Flair at a hotel bar last night, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel, Big Al barged into the office last week to present a Quick Trip flower to Anna-Marie, Larry makes his Stanley Cup Finals prediction.