TMA: Seg. 3 – Derrick Goold


Derrick Goold from the Post-Dispatch joins the program to talk Cardinals baseball, Goold realizes Cardinals are just not as good as the top teams in the NL, Cardinals are still trying to figure out an every day lineup, Cardinals can’t continue to rely on guys like Hazelbaker, Diaz, and Moss for your offensive output, is it to early for the Cardinals to shake things up to get a spark via trade? Cardinals are anticipating Peralta’s return to the lineup, how will the Cardinals handle their lineup when Peralta returns from the DL? Why is Wainwright stuggling so much at the start of this season? Grichuk is having a difficult time making contact with pitches which raises his strike out total, how do the Cardinals handle the Kolten Wong situation with his lack of hitting this season? For Wong he needs to get more at bats in order for him to pull out of this early season slump, is this who the Cardinals are or will there be dramatic improvements with the starting pitching and guys who are projected to hit that aren’t? Doug hates pecan pie more than anything.