McKernan: Kevin Demoff Says “Thankfully or Not Thankfully” Rams Went On 4-Game Losing Streak

Have you ever heard an executive, coach, or player express gratitude for a four-game losing streak for his or her team?

Well, if you haven’t you don’t know the Rams.

And it sure would be quite appreciated if the rest of the country would start getting hip to what took place in St. Louis with this operation as opposed to just lazily labeling St. Louis as a bad football town. As the latest example of the farce that was the Rams’ commitment to a) St. Louis and b) winning while in St. Louis…one of the team’s top executives expressed gratitude over the team falling out of the playoff race in November.

Rams’ Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff returned to his high high school alma mater Harvard-Westlake in Los Angeles to give fellow alumni the same presentation he gave to owners in Houston on January 12th.

While discussing the headaches that occurred while attempting to get the move to Los Angeles approved by owners with his fellow Harvard-Westlake alumni, Demoff began to express the frustration that the organization was starting to feel with the process.

You can see it for yourself in this video: Kevin Demoff Speaks at Harvard-Westlake High School on The Rams’ Move To Los Angeles

Demoff’s comments regarding winning/losing and the circumstances of the Fall of 2015 begin at 30:18.

“We went through the entire Fall process of trying to convince the owners of where we stood, what this project would mean for the NFL and for Los Angeles, in particular, and the opportunity that was in front of us. And, all the sudden, things were coming upon us pretty quickly. The relocation application was do in the first week in January. Either thankfully or not thankfully, we went on a four-game losing streak in the middle of November (smile from Demoff and laughter from the crowd), so we went from being in the playoff hunt and having a seed to woefully out of the the playoff hunt, which allowed us a little more time to talk about this (pointing to the Los Angeles presentation on the screen behind him) and put this together.”

Kevin Demoff On The Ryan Kelley Morning AfterIsn’t that lovely?

Demoff acknowledges that the team was in the playoff hunt, but “thankfully or not thankfully” they went on a four-game losing streak…”which allowed us a little more time to talk about this.” And, “this” of course is the team’s presentation to get out of St. Louis and move to Los Angeles…part of which was based on the lack of support that they said St. Louis gave them.

I wonder if Roger Goodell or anyone at the NFL would appreciate the words of the Rams’ COO…or if they’d even care. Imagine Robert Kraft…or Art Rooney…or any owner or executive with any team in any of the four major American professional sports leagues expressing gratitude for a losing streak that knocked their team out of the playoff hunt.

There’s only one franchise that delivers that brazen admission.

I am just curious if there is anyone in the league office who gives a damn.

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