GFI Digital Email of the Day: Willie’s Irish Accent (9/10)

Brendan Marks, Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:40:00 GMT

The Shrewsbury Seat Sniffer was a unanimious winner of the GFI Digital Email of the Day on Wednesday’s The Ryan Kelley Morning After. As you can see below, the email was written with an Irish accent. So the talented Willie Springer showed off his own Irish accent and read the letter. You can hear that below. But first, here’s the text:

Top o’ the marnin’ to yee boys!
Tis a glorious day to be a twinkish Irishman in our fair city! I tell ya this day is more beautiful than me wife was before motherin 18 children and bein’ the sole breadwinner by takin’ in the wash from local bath houses! Oh I tell ye her tortured soul haunts this tenement house o’ mine!

I write to tell ye boys about a recent trip I took down the mighty Des Peres river. Did you fellers know that there is a shining city on the hill named Lemay located at the end o’ that mighty stream?! When I pulled me dinghy up on the riverbank, twas more breathtaking than seeing the waves crash on the mighty Cliffs of Dover. I went out lookin’ for twinks to kiss and rub on a wee bit, and found a lovely local spot called Heine Meine fields. The locals called themselves hoosiers, and their few teeth held in their gums more loosely than Parnell held together the coalition that attempted to pass the first Irish Home Rule bill back in 1886. Despite their lack o’ oral hygiene, the local men gave kisses more sweet than me dear mother’s apple barley pudding. It shant be a stretch to say that me and me five twuncles will be spending many an evening down in the land o’ Lemay. Thanks boys, and God bless ye all.

The Shrewsbury Seat Sniffer