GFI Digital Email of the Day: Under Truman’s Tail

Brendan Marks, Mon, 22 Sep 2014 17:13:00 GMT

“Under Truman’s tail” won Monday’s GFI Digital Email of the Day for this piece of prose on Mizzou’s loss and horrible restroom traffic at Memorial Stadium.

Horrible Morning Boys,

I am still pissed off from the Mizzou loss this weekend. Totally ruined my weekend.

Another thing that ruined my weekend was the restroom traffic at Faurot.

I had to go 3 times due to drinking like a fish, and each time I went in the restroom, the same guy was there at the pee troughs, standing in the same place.

He had on a black polo with mirror aviator sunglasses on, and kind of looked like John Lithgow. I don’t think he moved from that spot the whole game.

The third time I went in, and he was standing there, I asked him, œare you all right buddy? he just looked down at my junk and said, œI have a white lebaron out in the parking lot, wanna go check it out with me?

I said no, and got the hell outta there.

Under Truman’s tail.

Listen to the whole segment below:

GFI Digital Email of the Day