GFI Digital Email of the Day: Dougie, Chuckle Butt and New Guy

Brendan Marks, Fri, 26 Sep 2014 16:32:00 GMT

Inspector Gadget won the GFI Digital Email of the Day on Friday’s The Ryan Kelley Morning After for a well-mannered letter that – for once – avoided bathroom talk.

Good morning chuckle butt, Dougie fresh and welcome to the show new guy.

Guys, hamburgers are any cornerstone of a nutritious breakfast, there is nothing wrong with eating whiteys before 8am.
Secondly, chuckles- your presence this week on the show has been uplifting and executed perfectly for a fill in for the cat, good job buddy.
Lastly, down with diaper talk and up with another cardinal World Series flag.

Fly Redbirds fly, beat those snakes!
Inspector gadget.

Listen to the whole segment below.

GFI Digital Email of the Day