GFI Digital Email of the Day (12/30)

Brendan Marks, Tue, 30 Dec 2014 16:00:00 GMT

sit2pee21 won Tuesday’s Email of the Day on The Ryan Kelley Morning After for this prose on his beef with the Scottrade Center.

Hey Doug, here’s the beef I have with Scottrade center: There are no tanks on the toilets at the wiz palace, there’s just a little metal thing. There is plenty of room for nachos, but where the hell am I supposed to set my drink? What if I want chicky fingies? Where will I put my soppings? If I put me soppings on the floor, the fella next to me might take dem dippies. Thoughts?


To hear the rest of the nominees, listen to the whole segment below:

The Morning After’s Email of the Day