Friday’s Show Synopsis……….

Ben Boyd, Fri, 23 May 2008 21:06:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

Friday’s Show Synopsis
By Austin Voelker

Hour 1

The show got off to a rough start as the guys ponder shutting it down for the day to go gamble. Tim’s instant messenger was not working so naturally he threw a temper tantrum. The Cat tells Tim he is the Cody McKay of the station(He is here because of his father).After debating whether or not to quit early to go gambling, The Cat says he once made it to the final table in poker, but failed to write a column about it. He then goes on to say he thinks Apples are delicious.

later in the hour, despite help from a caller to fix the im situation, tim is still complaining about his computer. the guys want to reveal the exit poll, but they still need to give out a would ya? doug vaughn then suggests a tranny, perhaps heidi klum if she had post op surgery to become a woman. the cat then says he would rather have seal. the cat asks if iggy subscribes to a pervert newsletter, and keeping with the “tranny” theme, producer ken “iggy” strode says that the arquette brother is cute. mckernan then reveals that he and doug touch, but don’t kiss because kissing is gay, touching is alright. the possibility of the would ya girl being pregnant comes up, and producer joe says he is terrified of women who have had children.

Doug goes off on everything in his house being broken as Tim still complains about his computer problems. The Vaughn talks of his recent experience at a high school graduation in which he arrived 3 hours early for nothing. The Cat then chimes in with a story from his graduation and what prank Craig Moffit tried to pull. After a quick threat by The Cat to punch Tim in the throat, a debate ensues about instant replay in Major League Baseball.

Hour 2

Tim does a promo for the weekend show View From The Seats, and says they are up and comers in the radio bizz. Producer Joe comes in to explain that when Tim said that, one of Joe’s favorite moves comes to mind. (Up And Cummers 42). Finally, the Exit Poll is revealed.
1) Will the Rams stay or go in 2015?
2) A. Would you support a tax funded stadium? B. Where would you put it?
3) Which Cardinal player would you most like to hang out with for one night?
4) Replay in MLB. Yes or No?
5) Do you believe in the afterlife? If so, what?
6) One performer in which you see a movie that person is in; you immediately know it is bad.
7) Maria Shriver, would ya?
after discussing the poll a bit, showing shades of martin kilcoyne, doug mistakenly says that ryan ludwick is hot. producer joe makes sure to interrupt the show to tell everyone that his favorite band the counting crows is on good morning america. billy squier then becomes the topic of discussion and a caller breaks into his version of the stroke.

Hour 3

Tim is mesmerized when a caller informs him of a girl on girl scene that Kristy Swanson did. He then heads straight to to check it out. Then a caller accused Dough Vaughn of perhaps being into bestiality. Somehow the conversation turns to Rosie O’Donnell’s role in A League Of Their Own. Producer Joe then spaz’s out because the guys didn’t say Tom Hanks’ character’s name fast enough as Joe is yelling Jimmy Dugan, Jimmy Dugan, Jimmy Dugan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

norman chad joined the program to talk flintstones and poker. they talked about online poker, the future of poker on t.v. and government restrictions on gambling. mr. chad also discusses his favorites to win upcoming tournaments and his life as a married man. that leads to the cat stating that he hates marriages that are a sham. especially ones in which a man marries a woman to cover up his homosexuality. mckernan then accuses john travolta of having one of those marriages.

After taking a few more calls regarding the poll, it was on to email of the day. The big prize for email of the day today is a Mythbusters DVD set.

The Left Over Riff Raff:

Doug loves the pair family of fruits……
Acey Deucey, and Toenail Clippers were some of the card hand slang The Cat came up with…….
Norman Chad has some weird marriage issues……
Doug’s new camera is busted as it is slammed to the concrete floor….