Friday’s Show Synopsis..

Ben Boyd, Fri, 01 Aug 2008 15:54:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

The Cardinals caught a hot team last night in Atlanta…..Tim has had enough of Joel Pineiro, but he will be here again next year for $7 million a year……The guys in the front office of the Cardinals have a time machine where they can go back and fix bad contracts…..

cat had an incident in the gym today, and is still mad when he thinks about it….he is as nice as can be to all the other gym goers, even if they aren’t jewish….he wanted to use a machine that some guy was hogging, and after the guy left the room, cat sat down to use it….the guy came back in and cat asked him out of courtesy if he was done using it, and the guy said he was actually going to finish up with a “super set”…….cat didn’t even finish listening and sat down and finished… one recognizes cat when he works out because he wears sunglasses with a hat pulled down and a muscle shirt that says “the viper” on it……

Tim and Cat had thought the Cards would make a move, but Doug said they wouldn’t so he was the winner……Cat thinks that Mozeliak is a smart guy, and he won’t get mad if John said it wasn’t worth it to make a move….. Tim talked to John Mozeliak last night after the game to ask him questions before he wrote his column on…… Tim said if there is one thing you can credit him for, is how accessible he is, and Tim said he thinks that gives him credibility with the fans….This is the first time in a long time that the organization has a lot of money coming off the books next year and a bunch of prospects. The Cards are also tied for the Wild Card lead, so Tim asked John how is it possible to not make a move…..John wanted to make a big splash yesterday, but teams just wanted too much for the players who would be traded…..Mozeliak is under the impression that they did the right thing yesterday, and he said he’ll take the bullet. He said he would rather take criticism than do the wrong thing for the organization…..

The guys said that the Cards’ lineup last night was like a get-a-way day lineup because they already won 3 out of 4 in the series and because of the tough home stand they have coming up against Philadelphia and Los Angeles……

Exit Poll Runs 7 Deep:

1. After Cards failed to make a move by yesterday, are you disappointed?

2. What should Rams do with Steven Jackson? Tim: sign him to long term deal; Doug: sign him; Cat: sign him.

3. How much credit card debt do you carry? Doug: none; Tim: none; Cat: said honestly he has $62,000 in debt because he eats 37 cupcakes a day from the Cupcakery.

4. scariest thing to run across in the water besides a shark? tim: stingrays; doug: a snake or an eel; cat: piranha.

5. Tori Spelling, would ya? Doug: no; Tim: no; Cat: no

6. Would you go to Hedonism with The Morning After? Doug: yes; Tim; hell yes; Cat: would like to stay off campus but would go.

7. Favorite snack chip? Doug: Doritos; Tim: Baked Lays BBQ chips; Cat: Pringles

A caller named Rachel called in and said she was in Hedo last week. She goes every year, and “The show happens every night at dinner.” Girls
Iggy made a call, and he has it all set up for the guys to do a show down there, and they will be able to giveaway 2 trips for listeners……Doug thinks it will be difficult for him to get down there because of finding someone to watch his kids…..

Pro Wrestler JBL:
hornswaggle was a bad midget…..a lot of people think jbl was in the wrong, but he had it coming. he was a lot easier to beat up than bautista……because of how many tibetan monks who are abused they must be evil. they look peaceful and calm, but they might be bad people……nbc is a great partner and there will be a show on saturday night……jenny mccarthy will be there trying to raise money… asked about super sets when jbl lifts weights, and jbl said that someone doing a super set is just trying to occupy all the machines…..“my greatest concern level is that someone keeps sending me checks.”…..jbl came out with a male energy drink, like a liquid viagra—-“it makes you a sexual tyrannosaurus” ……doug has a case in his garage…..jbl has always been a big wrestling fan…….

Cat loves a few things about this show including making fun of Hedo and having Iggy jump on immediately to explain and defend Hedo…..Cat is a big believer in living below your means……He is going to

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim’s head is mis-shaped because of the forceps used to extract him when he was born… ….Doug had $50 million in his 401K 2 months ago and now it is down to $6500….. Frank Sinatra forgot words to his songs by the end of his career……..A baby giraffe wrote in yesterday and said that Doug’s attic is like Hedo….Piranhas can talk and that is how they trick you into swimming into their vicinity……..Pringles are not healthy at all…..Doug has an earlier bedtime than the rest of the guys…….JBL thinks Doug is gay…….The ladies love Doug because he hung out at Lush……