Friday’s Show Synopsis…

Ben Boyd, Fri, 25 Jul 2008 16:43:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

Jay is somewhat upset that this is his final day filling in for Doug who is coming back from New York…..

tim thought it was just ridiculous that ryan braun hit another home run; it couldn’t be possible……cat said he felt like charlie brown running up to kick the ball and lucy pulling it away. he just didn’t think it was going to happen again last night…….cat said that it was miserable in the clubhouse after the game……it’s easy to write the team off, with everything they have been through, but they keep bouncing back… isn’t that concerned with the offense because he thinks it will come around…..the guys think the cards will make a move for bullpen help, but it won’t be a big name…..if they were closer, maybe they would try to make a bigger splash, but they will do something to change things up a little……if carpenter has a good start tonight, it will reenergize everyone when he gets back……

Tim is starting to hate the Brewers…..Jay said he can’t respect Ryan Braun “admiring the dong” and the untucked shirts…..The way Braun stared at it, you would’ve thought it was out of the park, but it barely made it out…..Cat said the Brewers are pretty nice guys so it’s hard to hate them……Tim thinks Milwaukee is the most dangerous team in the National League since they added CC. They have a great lineup and starting pitching now…….

Bryan Burwell wrote in his column today that many Rams players were privately speculating that Steven Jackson may be a training camp holdout…..Jackson has a new agent who is also the agent of the Bears’ Devin Hester who was a no show at Bears’ camp…..Cat said if he had the option of delaying his arrival at training camp, he would ……Tim was worried that Jackson wouldn’t stay here when his contract was up so that is why he was wanting the Rams to draft Darren McFadden…..Claude Wroten missed a drug test and then missed two appeal hearings so that is why he is suspended for a year…..According to, Wroten would’ve just been fined for 4 games instead of being suspended, but since he didn’t show up for his appeals he got suspended…..

Exit Poll:

1. If you had to pick one pitcher, who’s your Cardinal closer? Tim: Springer; Jay: Izzy; Cat: Jimenez; Joe: Chris Perez

2. Is this the beginning of the end for the 2008 Cardinals? Tim: no; Jay: yes; Joe: yes

3. One thing that excites you about the 2008 Rams? Jay: Al Saunder’s offense; Joe: beginning of end for Linehan

4. a. Are you married? b. If so, would you let your wife pose for Playboy? Consensus yes

5. Loni Anderson….would ya? Jay: yes; Tim: yes; Cat: happily married

6. Best movie musical score of all-time? Tim: Brave Heart; Cat: Chariots of Fire; Jay: Goodfellas; Joe: Gladiator

7. Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast? Pancakes; Tim: French Toast; Cat: French Toast; Joe: French Toast

Tim is going to have an Poker Tournament on August 6 at F15teen, and it is limited to 100 people……Anyone is welcome, and you can play for free; however, they welcome a voluntary donation of $100 to defeat cancer. A healthy portion of the money will be donated to charity, and some of the money will be part of a cash prize……World Series of Poker leader Dennis Phillips will play in the tournament……

Tim is flustered about Producer Joe not wanting to share his life stories. He doesn’t want to have a discussion about what happened last night with one of the promo girls after the happy hour…..Tim said he lives vicariously through Producer Joe.

Steve Kline:
cat was telling a story about steve kline to the current relievers about steve sliding on the tile in the shower to see if mark mcgwire was really on steroids. mcgwire would always have a towel around him, and was always kind of keeping his package to himself ……steve doesn’t speak french when he is shopping out in montreal…..the guys have to tell kline what happened in the cards’ game last night……mike matheny had “extra long knuckles” and would dig them into your ribs……steve is having problems with his kids’ passport so he might not be in st. louis next week…….steve leases a house in san francisco and lets some of the young guys live there for free…..kline asked if the guys saw dennis phillips in the world series of poker and asked if he was wearing a kline dirty hat…….steve is going to san francisco because giants gm brian sabean is going to talk to him about coaching. he doesn’t know how long he will be in san fran, maybe 10 days?….steve said that sabean’s exact words were “i’m still paying you so get your butt out here and we’ll show you around.”……cat gives steve advice on managing (mocking larussa)—-when the bullpen blows up, blame the offense and when the bullpen blows up again, blame the umpire…..canadians aren’t anti-american, they just hate violence even though they love hockey…..cardinals always go through a little stink around the all-star break…..steve has talked to mcgwire 3-4 times since he retired….steve said that cat should put a red hankerchief on his head and walk around beale street saying what up holmes to see what happens. he might be on the tv show the first 48…..steve took the exit poll: 1. isringhausen; 2. no; 3. rams are going to be a bounce back team; 4. it’s not his decision; 5. the wkrp girl? yes; 6. halloween; 7. all three in a combo or peanut butter with banana in a waffle…….

Exit Poll Results:
1. Springer then Chris Perez
2. 19-18 not the end for the Cards
3. healthy offensive line and Al Saunders and Nothing tied
4. 32-5 yes
5. 28-13 yes
6. Gladiator 5 votes
7. 16-16-10 waffles & French toast tied for first; 10 for pancakes

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat is going to write a song called “Can’t Stop a Scrubbin”…….Cat‘s wife said she loves Hugh Heffner……Maybe Tim picked up his sickness from a hooker in Vegas…..Loni Anderson’s cup size is 36D…….Cat will be a passenger on the way to Memphis because one of the monkeys will be driving…….Steve Kline said that the world is screwed up and it doesn’t matter who is the next president…..Steve doesn’t lift weights—he runs steps……Producer Joe said the Black Crowes were terrible when they opened for DMB …….Producer Joe gave the Exit Poll Results in the wrong order……